We are super excited to share with you our very first VLOG!

We had a few obstacles in getting this to go Live but here it is! 

Find out what has been going on with us and what's to come for Married Working Mothers...

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Candi + Tiffany


TOI said...

Really enjoyed this video and can't wait for more. Great line ups of events

Demetria Moss said...

Awesome first vlog ladies! Candi I can relate to your summer girl! I to am now without a 9-5 and was home with the kids for the summer, oh lawd! It was longggg ....Tiffany, as always I'm so jealous of your summers! Now let's add hair to the list ...love your hair! Hope to catch up with you ladies soon😘

Giavana Jones said...

loving it!!!!!!!! Your trip sounded amazing and congrats to Candi on the big step! I definitely missed your guys' blog updates so I am excited about the new platform. by the way, the neck pieces are on point! love them. welcome back!!!!

MWMs said...

Thank you Ladies!

Toi - Yes, stay tuned! Send us your e-mail address so we can keep you update to date on all the happenings.

Demetria - Oh wow! We didn't know about your big move. We have to pow wow, eh?! I follow you and Kaleidoloom and you'll are doing it! Proud of you ladies.

Gia - Thank you, thank you. :)

Candi + Tiff

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