Service With A Smile!

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Imagine if in fact one of the benefits of service is  an opportunity to reconnect with your authentic self! 

Volunteering makes us feel good because we unveil our good, pure and loving natures which on any given day are buried under stress and turmoil. 

This is why when we see others volunteering our hearts are tugged to volunteer as well. This is evident especially in the case of disasters such as Hurricane Joaquin. 

Kudos to all of the Hurricane Relief organizers and all of you who found your 'good' selves and volunteered your time, talent or treasures! If you haven't already we at MWM's implore you to get involved in one of the countless efforts to Save Our South!
As women we are busy, consumed, overwhelmed and determined. On any given day we are lost in our 'To Do Lists', we are lost listening to the non-stop conversations in our heads reminding us to remember a gazillion things while not forgetting to look beautiful! We are lost under the heavy weight of expectation placed upon us by society, loved ones and ourselves.

It is easy for us to get lost! I feel lost on many days. Do you? 
Ghandi suggests a way to find ourselves, a way to get back to our center, to our authentic selves. At MWM's we are on a journey on an adventurous road called 'Authentic Way'! We've taken some side roads which have taken us off course but our goal is to always get back onto the main road. Volunteerism can help!
As announced on our first vlog, we here at MWM's have decided to partner with a charity by giving our best resource...ourselves. 

Recently we attended a local Hands For Hunger event called Paradise Plates. Their vision is simple, a transformed Bahamas where everyone has access to three nutritious and fortifying meals each day. No one goes hungry.

The night was enjoyable. We ate so that others may eat! Simple! This was our first charitable event but okay fine we had a blast too! Here are some photos to prove it.

We're total goofballs we know but hey somebody has to be goofy!

All fun aside and back to a serious note. Candi and I would like to continue to find ourselves by getting involved in our community by partnering with a local charity. Psst, feel free to volunteer with us if you are not involved in a charity. Here is where we need your help. We would like for you to vote on one of the charities listed below. Click on the comment button at the end of this post, message us on our FaceBook page or send an email at

And the nominees are....(Insert drum roll here)! 

1. The Bahamas Crisis Centre (
2. Pace Bahamas (

(We've included the links to these two organizations to browse for those of you who may not be familiar including our overseas readers. Think we forgot about all of you huh? Well we didn't. Click, browse, discover their visions and vote!)

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

But wait....there's more!

It is with great excitement to announce MWM's Monthly Me-Time Giveaway! Unfortunately this giveaway is only extended to our local readers unless our overseas readers would like to visit to claim their prize! Come on down!!!!!!

How does it work?

Take a pic depicting how you enjoy 'Me Time'. (This is a cheap ploy to encourage you to stop and take a moment for yourself!) Email the pic to us at or Direct Message us on Instagram (@marriedworkingmothers) Easy!

Candi in Eleuthera 2015
Mother's Day 'Me Time' Vacation

Here are the rules...

1. Submit only one photo per month
2. Deadline for submissions are the first Monday of each month
3. Monthly winners are not eligible for further submissions
4. Keep it Rated PG Ladies!!!!!

This month's giveaway is a bottle of Villa Wolf Riesling! It is our favourite wine from our home away from home Lucianos.


A bottle of Villa Wolf can be yours....Cheers!

There will be a variety of giveaways. The prize will be announced the First Monday of each month. It is our sincere hope we inspire each of you to participate at least once.

As we give of ourselves we give to all of you!

And so ladies, before you get back to your regularly scheduled lives we beg you to vote on one of the charities. 

Vote Now!!! (Sorry that was a bit too bossy!)
Vote now pleeeaaasseeee!

Don't forget! Today is the first Monday in October. You have a month to take time for you and snap a pic! Some one will enjoy a great glass of Riesling very soon!

Until we blog again!
Tiffany and Candi 

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