Time of the Month

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She did what? 
Did this story appear on your Facebook news feed a few months ago? If you have a moment click on the link below for the full story.


For those of you with no moments to spare, allow me to paint the picture. 

Imagine you've been training for a marathon for an entire year. The night before your big run your period arrives. You're standing in the bathroom staring at your tampons and sanitary pads which have been waiting with bated breath for a month for your return. "Of all the times for Miss Mary to show up you show up now?" you grumble.  How the hell am I supposed to run a marathon with and I quote from the above article written by Kiran Ghandi, the 26 year old London Marathon runner, with 'a wad of cotton material wedged between my legs'?

Let's continue to imagine...
You walk into your kitchen to get a glass of water and slam the refrigerator door shut. Your irritation mounts. Men don't have to put up with this monthly inconvenience! Men can run marathons cotton wad free! You plop down onto your couch when without warning you give birth to a novice idea.

'Take some midol, bleed freely and run!'

This past weekend Candi and I participated in the 5K Run to Pompey in Exuma Bahamas. Candi blazed through her 3.1 miles achieving her personal best while I on the other hand simply finished…I have a medal to prove it! 

We did it! But what if the night before Candi walked into my room and said, "Girl, how bout my period just showed up. I ain't in the mood for running with a tampon. I think I'm gonna run without one!' 
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So here's the thing. When Miss Ghandi ran this idea by her fellow running mates what were their responses? I assume at some point she had to explain her desire to take a stand for all the women around the world..... but what did they say? And if they didn't say anything what were they thinking?

#illtellyouonething if Candi showed up to Run For Pompey with her period on without the cotton wad of her choosing, sweetness I would not run next to her.(Not like I could anyway because she is so much faster) nor would I have posed in any photos! Or would I?

Think about it... how would you respond to your friend? Look at the picture. Could you pose in a similar photo?

When I look at this photo I think about friendship. WWAFD? What would a friend do? 

What does it mean to be friend? Are friends required to support every decision? Are friends allowed to respectfully decline to support a decision they oppose? 

One of my favourite phrases is 'if you like it, I love it'! I try not to be judgemental. I try to be a supportive friend. I am not in the business of changing anyone to be like me...well my husband a little maybe.... as for my girlfriends I accept all of them for who they are. My reason for this is selfish. I want all of them to accept me. 

Miss Ghandi had friends to support her choices. On second hand if she were Candi maybe I would take a photo with her. If she likes a bleeding crotch, I love it too?

Sigh...maybe not! I have to think about this one!

Until I blog again,
P.S. Thank goodness this past weekend wasn't that time of the month for Candi!

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