A Coach For Life

Agreed? Agreed!!!
Now what? How do I make the rest of my life the best of my life?

How I ask?

My Pinterest account has boards full of pins. I have pins to convince me I deserve a better life. I have pins imploring me to go after my best life now because a life with regrets is no life at all. Pins demanding not to quit, pins to leave the haters, pins to tell me how to dress, look and act on days when I feel the worst, pins, pins and more pins.

Do you need to get off of Pinterest and live?

Do you even know what your dream is, the dream your pinterest quotes inspire you to follow?

Yes? No?

This month at Married Working Mothers we inspire you to act no A.C.T.....Accomplish Change Today! We encourage you to act through Life Coaching.

What is life coaching?

'Coaching will sift through the mess and equip you with tools to clean it up'. Translation... if you have a dream or goals to accomplish but you feel as though there is a lot of sh%t getting in your way, coaching will guide you through a process of moving that sh&t out of the way.

Enough said!

Do you need to move some stuff, shift stuff, discard stuff, prioritize stuff? If so  MWM's February Giveaway is specifically for you. We are giving away a life coaching session with Kaylus Adams, our resident Life Coach. The winner will receive a sixty minute coaching session. The runner up will receive a thirty minute coaching session. 

Who is Kaylus Adams? What does she do? More importantly, what can she help you do?

Click on this link to meet Kaylus!

If you believe Mark Twain's quote to the left, you can be a sixty minute session away from the second most important day of your life.

To win, write a 25-50 word paragraph explaining why you are deserving but more importantly ready for a coaching session.

Wanting a session is different from being ready for a session. Do you belief you are deserving? Are you prepared to shift some stuff to achieve goals?

As women especially mothers we are best at putting ourselves after husbands, children, family, church, work etc. Have you decided you should put on your gas mask first  (think of airline instructions if the cabin loses air pressure)?

What if you can be a better wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, colleague and person if you intentionally pursue you first? What if?

Click on this link below to hear what you can expect as the winner of February's  MWM's Giveaway!

Email your 25-50 word paragraph at marriedworkingmothers@gmail.com by February 24, 2016. We will select a winner and a runner up as a bonus.

Please know MWM's will issue a gift certificate for your sessions. We will not be involved in any sessions, follow ups or discussions with Kaylus Adams concerning your session.

You will only be required to take a photo with MWM's as we issue the gift certificate.

Ladies, if you must take a moment to compose your thoughts or if not run to your keyboard now...

Write to us!
Write to you!
Write to your future!

We look forward to hearing from all of you!
Until we blog again,
Candi and Tiffany


Sandena Neely said...

Love it! Yay MWMs & Kaylus!!!

Raeh Williams said...

Blog fave and Life Coach fave...Pure Win! Good luck ladies.

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