10 Reasons Why I Dislike Baby Showers

Yesterday I attended my cousins baby shower and while this has nothing to do with her shower in particular, it reminded me just how much I dislike them.

Honestly, I hate baby showers. 

I don't mind celebrating with you, I simply dislike the way people have organized them.  Although, in recent years I've been to a few that have evolved into straight up parties with both women and men in attendance and sometimes I wondered what we were really celebrating!  But those aren't the showers I speak of.  

So here is a list of reasons why I dislike going to baby showers, in no particular order;

1.  They are scheduled in the mid-afternoon to late evening on my good Sunday.

2.  It's awkward when you arrive and the people that were there before you are sitting down all in a row watching as each person walks through the door.

Baby Shower games
3.  The games, oh my dear, can we get rid of the effin' games?!  No, I didn't know that if the father puts weight on during the pregnancy as well that means you are having a boy. I think I'll just ask my doctor who has this thing called an ultrasound, but thanks for that useless information anyway.

4.  There is no alcohol served because obviously I must suffer along with the mommy-to-be. Unfair.

5.  Must we really sit around and watch you open your gifts?

6.  While we sit around watching you open your gifts for your new crumbsnatcher, must we subject ourselves to the chanting of "Ooooh, Ahhhhh, that's niiiiiice!" for each and every single gift??? 
**please someone bring me a drink!**

Baby Shower Decor, picture courtesy of seshamo.com
7.  Why are we still playing games?!

8.  The mommy-to-be ALWAYS shows up at least an hour late. People, let's stop making these showers a surprise.

9.  The baby shower decor.

10. Please, pretty please do not tie the styrofoam plate filled with bows around her stomach or head!

We are in 2014, why are we still doing these things? 

Do you enjoy going to baby showers of this nature?  How would you change this event to make it enjoyable for all?



Daphne Smith said...

LOL..This was funny and I totally agree. I thought we were moving to the age where the mommy to be plans her own shower and its more of a party!!

MWMs said...

Daphne, that's how it ought to be, hey! I will show up with a bottle of wine (for those who can and will drink it), a case of diapers and some real advice about having children!

Anonymous said...

Wellllllll, I've been pregnant 3 times and each time I practically had to beg my family not to throw a baby shower. I've never been interested in attending them or having one for myself. What's even more awkward to me is the fact that women sit around staring at and silently criticising every inch of mom-to-be's disfigured body!!! ...and let's not forget that infamous spreading nose or black neck lol. I'm always cute until it's almost time to pop. That's when everything goes left. Anyway, agreed. Showers have been corny frm nineteen how long!!!!!

ernesta rodriques said...

LOL I loved this Candi!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! thought it was only me that hated these. Have a party, pleaseeeee minus those games! Have the parents to be present and greeting guests as they arrive. I don't like surprises, told my family that and they still tried to do it. Well, I went to Multi and the other baby places asking to see the register for (my name) until I discovered the date of the shower. I would have preferred to do it myself and invite who I wanted....

Carla McPhee said...

oh how i feel you. i can't stand them. and YES please dump the games in the trash.

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