A Family That Plays Together...

Who knew a ten dollar game could be such fun?!  My kids received a Pop-up game Christmas past and stayed in the box until February!

We were bored; looking for something to do so we took it out and played it. It turns out it was good for at least 45 minutes of fun. We laughed and cheered.  I screamed when I won. Did you get that? I won.  Insert smiley face here.  All in all it was good cheap fun.

Our family is always looking for ways to spend time together.  With a tight budget you start to get a little inventive. I have actually found that the things that cost you little or nothing are the ones that are more bonding. Here are some of the activities that you can try with your family.

1.  Game Night:  Find a few board games and have fun. If you prefer electronic games, rent or borrow a new game. Family Feud for the Wii is a good one. Split the family into teams. Be competitive, it's fun!

2.  Movie Night:  If you don't have the funds to go to the movies then rent one.  If you are renting make it fun.  Buy some snacks, popcorn, nachos and cheese, and candy. During this time there should be no phone calls, no computer/tablets and everyone should understand that the purpose is to watch the movie together.

3.  Go for a walk/Exercise Together:  When my husband started waking us early Saturday morning for a walk we all went kicking and screaming. Who wants to go walking 5:30pm on a Saturday morning?  After a few weeks though we were all looking forward to it. We walk to the beach and spend 20-30 minutes just enjoying the sunrise while the kids play. If you are not a morning person take an evening walk.

4.  Go Fishing:  I admit I have not done this one yet, but my 15 year old just asked me this week if we could go fishing.  Can't say I am too enthused but it's on the "bucket list".

5.  Play tourist:  Ever took your kids to the Forts?  Yes, you may have driven past them or parked next to them, but how many times have you actually gone and taken a tour? This would be a great history lesson while enjoying the beautiful scenery. The glass bottom boat is another great family activity.

6.  Cook a meal:  This is one of my personal favorites.  Go online and find a recipe.  It could be savory or sweet, but do it as a family.  I choose a day that is stress free like a Friday or Saturday night.  A few weeks ago my son and I made curry chicken roti.  We watched the YouTube videos together (this could be done the night before). Then we went into the kitchen and cooked it together.  He loved it.  So now that as become our thing.  We have done it three times already.

I know our lives are mega busy but family is important.  You would be surprised how a couple of hours of your time can bring the family closer together.  Have you ever thought about setting aside one day a week for family? I know it sounds crazy, but with all of our busy schedules you can easily find yourself living with strangers.

Once your day is set it must be understood by all that anything done on this day, besides work, must include the entire family. This rule gets fun once your kids become teenagers.  Once the family day has been established someone has to be dedicated as "The Enforcer".  In most cases, Mom that's you, but solicit Dad's help.  As I said earlier, they may come kicking and screaming at first, but if you stay consistent it will pay off.

I hope I have gotten your creative juices flowing.  There may be some other activities that may pique your interest.  Try it!  Not every family day will be a success. The important thing is that you spend time together and have fun doing it.  A family that plays together, stays together.

Peace and Love



Anonymous said...

I love your blog. Nice reminder that family is priority and we can make time for them with little or no spending. No excuses. Melissa.

ernesta rodriques said...

Thanks Melissa!

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