MARRIAGE: Have You Had That Moment Yet?

'You actually think that we're the same." said Mellie. "When I was faced with the chance to cheat, I kept my knees together and I said no! 
We are not the same!"
This was the scene on Thursday's episode of Scandal. 

The mistress or 'sweetheart' accused the wife of the man she is sleeping with of having an affair with another man. The wife then checked the 'sweetheart' and informed no no and you ain't alike! I kept my cookie in the jar unlike you...

I remember watching the scene and I empathized with Mellie again. I related to her because I am a wife. I related to her because I have self control. I related to Mellie because no...I am not like other women who have crossed the line and been unfaithful to their husbands.

Later on in the episode that all changed...

Mellie lost her self control.
Mellie kissed another man!
Mellie was unfaithful!

It was then the idea of this post hit me. 
Does every married woman have the moment when they lose self control?

Have you had that moment yet?

Have you had a moment where you submitted to temptation and kissed or slept with a man that is not your husband?

Let's face it, we all have ex-boyfriends, male colleagues or neighbours. We are tempted by beautiful teeth, a great body or charisma just as our husbands are enticed by high heels, a slinky  body  or a flirtatious laugh.

Women cheat too!

On the show Parenthood, the character Julia is separated from her husband because she kissed another man!
Regular everyday wives and mothers are cheating. Since this in fact is so, I pondered the million dollar question.

If this can happen to other women why can't it happen to me?

Truth be can!

As much as 'We are not the same', when I compare me and cheating wives, we are the same in a very important regard, I am human too. The difference is choice.

Faithfulness is a choice! We make a choice not to send an illicit text. We make a choice to decline meeting after hours. We make a choice to stay away from a person who tempts us. These are daily choices. Faithfulness is a daily choice!

Based on two television shows, it is extremely possible to be in the perfect environment to cheat.

Have you had that moment yet when you had to choose? I believe we all will be faced with that choice. If you are married, you will eventually. We are all one moment away from infidelity!

How will you choose?


Today I choose my character. I choose to be faithful to Eric because I fight for my character. I need to be able to look in the mirror and stare into my eyes, the windows to my soul and be pleased with the woman I have become.

No make up but naturally me

It's hard I know. Trust me I know! (Insert blank stare here) But I fight today to not have that moment. I haven't met any man who is worth risking my honor. This isn't about how good or bad or what type of husband Eric is. This isn't about putting Eric on the list or having the perfect marriage.

This is all about me!

We celebrated International Women's Day recently. Our accomplishments mean nothing if we have no honor. Our accolades are trivial compared to character.

Here are two things I believe to be true. As a wife, you will have that moment. As a woman your character is worth the fight! One day, one moment, one choice at a time.

Ladies, I implore you to fight for good character. Fight and fight hard!


Until I blog again,

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