MARRIAGE:'Panty On!'

"To be a good wife and a good mother you must begin by being a good you!" 

To be a good Tiffany my hair has to look right! If I am not having a good hair day, the Hall family is not a happy family. Trivial maybe, but true.

Yesterday I sat at my desk and wondered if my curls would last another day.


I washed my hair on Monday night and had an exceptional good healthy hair Tuesday! 


Since the curls were ringing just right, maybe they could last another day.


Now, there is nothing I hate more than when I wake up and one side of my hair has curls and the other does not.This lopsided hair drama has the potential for happening when I go to be bed with my hair exposed. This is great for my marriage because I look like the women on television who lay on their pillows with loose tendrils. Eric can run his hands through my hair or tug it a little maybe... but nonetheless the loose hair is an attractive accessory with my pajamas.

And so here I am clean face out of the shower, hair wild and free ready for Eric to walk through the bedroom door and utter,"What you saying?"

Ah yeah no!
Are you crazy? 
I can't go to sleep with my hair like this. 

Here's why.

1. My hair will be mashed up in the morning.
2. My hair will break.
3. My hair will be dry.
4. My hair will need styling in the morning.

I have no time at 5:00 a.m. to be hot curling and pinning up. 

So to avoid me having a bad hair day this my dear readers is how I Tiffany go to bed. I have to do this because it works for me. 

Yes I use rollers!
Yes they still make rollers!
Yes rollers are still good for my hair!

Now if you're thinking, jeez this is how she goes to bed with her husband then you will think I am absolutely insane when you see this next photo.

"Is that what I think it is Tiffany?"
You may be asking. Is that a...
Are you serious?

Dead serious!

Yes! I have a panty on my head!!!!!!!

Here is a better view!

When I don't feel like roller setting my hair I wear a pair of lace panties. They are absolutely fabulous for keeping my curls without mashing them up. I pull my curls through the openings for the legs! 


When I shared this with a friend of mine she bought me a black bonnet but the bonnet does not work for me. My curls are mashed without a doubt!

Remember you have to do what works for you! And so I sleep with a panty on my head for the welfare of my family!  

Don't judge me! 

Here's my point. In a recent post I wrote about putting your husband on the list. It is important to consider your husband however, you have to consider yourself too. 

Eric knows how important my hair is to me. He knows I can go to bed looking good for him but I will be a grumpy-mcgrumperton the next day when I have a bad hair day. When your husband loves you he will consider your feelings. 

Does Eric like this...hell no but this one is a deal breaker for me. I have to do what works for my hair.

You have to do what works for you too! A marriage will be a more pleasant one with two individuals who respect one another and the quirks they bring to the table.

This is my daughter and I. Look at her face. That is the sign of a happy kid. She is happy because she has a happy mother. She has a happy mother because I sleep with rollers or a panty on my head.

I do what works for me!

Until I blog again,

I do my endeavour best to make sure my hair is wild and free for Eric during you know what! Gotta have the curls out for the fun!


Nicky Saddleton said...

Hey panty head.....that is rockstar glam......have new respeck!
and you are right..don't ever question this...good hair=good day...basic rules for living

Sandena Neely said...

Okay - so I have a question based on the post-script - and since you've brought it up, I have to ask, do you get up after "wild & free" to roll your hair or is that the point when you don the lace panty? LOL

vixen said...

Lmaoooo that's hilarious! That's good that your hubby lets it slide. I'm not sure how my hubby would react. I have to try that lol.

Btw great hair chica!

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