I found myself sitting down in a little coffee shop reflecting on my own life and everything that it includes and excludes. Do you find yourself do that? Reflecting? I've been doing a lot of that lately. If you're anything like me, this sort of thinking leads to deeper thinking. Deeper thinking into what this life is really all about and the "what ifs" of the world.

What would happen if we stopped and asked ourselves...


What if, your weight really didn't matter. 

What if, you could have the job you wanted and not the job you got stuck with.

What if, having a lot money or being perceived to have a lot of money didn't mean shit.

What if, you didn't feel the need to create a magical childhood for your child(ren).

What if, the dreamy, fairytale love was real and lasted a lifetime.

What if, you didn't have to hide your imperfections with makeup.

What if, you loved your natural hair Every. Single. Day.

What if, you didn't have to dress "on point" every time you stepped out of the house.

What if, you could craft your sex life the way YOU want it and when YOU want it.

What if, you weren't so anal about only having 9 "what ifs" that you constructed this one to make it an EVEN ten...(Ughhhh, Candi you really need to do better)

I didn't write this post to answer any of these "what ifs" or am I making any suggestions. Quite frankly, I am still personally reflecting on them. I'm not trying to write about some pie in the sky, perfect life scenario. Nor do I want you to reflect negatively on where you are at in life at the moment.

WHAT IF...the point is not to digest them all at the same time. The point could be to nibble at them one at a time, starting with the one that speaks to you the loudest. 

Anyway, let me go see which one screams at me, although that damn magical childhood bullshit has my name written all over it.

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