Unbecoming Still....It's Okay!

It's okay...

It's okay if you're not interested in 'uprooting before becoming', but if you are, know that it involves 'painful pushing'.

It's okay if you don't talk to yourself but if you do, be gentle, your younger self is trying the best she can!

It's okay to be afraid to disappoint people and stay safely in a box but if you decide to push one arm out of your neatly decorated name brand box, be prepared for people to leave you, well maybe not leave you, most family members, friends, colleagues etc. will criticize, judge and alienate you! Life will get lonely!

It's okay to be fake but if you must fake, fake the good stuff. #fakeconfidence

It's okay if you don't know what your 'essentials' are because you only know your 'usual sentences', but it's also okay to go deeper, live deeper, exist deeper!

It's okay to choose to be 'caged in a pool' but it's also okay to 'want oceans'. If you 'want oceans', it's also okay to let the caged pool people chit chat while you make footprints in the sand walking towards the ripples of the waves.

It's okay to follow trends and patterns but it's also okay to 'absorb randomness, last chances, risks, strange days and your wild ways'. Go through more hells, and be swallowed up whole by heartache'. We associate heartache with pain as Candi asked..."What if?" What if heartache is the your ability to live intensely? Hmmmm.....

It's okay to not really know what it means to love yourself but it is also okay to want to learn how to 'unbecome' .... you may fall head over heels in love, in love with you!

Until I become,

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