Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival 2016

We are in the second year of the recently created Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival and once again it is still met with lots of controversy. Controversy because a lot of people believe we are adopting another country's culture. At least that's the crux of it. As if the concept of "Carnival" is limited to only these countries. 

Well if we look at the definition of "Carnival" according to the Webster Dictionary it means...

: a festival held before Lent that includes music and dancing
:  a event where many people gather to celebrate something

So there we go, I think of Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival as a celebration of Bahamian culture. The food, music, clothing, and essentially the PEOPLE!

I know the focus seems to be on it not being "Junkanoo" enough but come on people, is that the ONLY thing we feel we have to offer?

Do we underestimate the value of our Bahamian people?  

Why does it matter HOW we bring people to experience our culture? Whether it is a festival, a carnival, a concert, an art show, etc. Aren't all of these events universal?

I will let you know this, this Bahamian Gal ga be on da road dis Satdee! Yes, this Married Working Mother. And I ain shame!

Costume from the group Enigma Bahamas, taken from their Facebook page.

Unfortunately, some of my "conservative" people will be overly critical especially when they don't agree with it. Possibly, because they don't agree with dancing half naked in the middle of the street. I, personally don't have an issue with it. The thing is, many of you will dance half naked at Trinidad and Jamaica's carnival. Why? Because you don't want "people" to see you carryin' on bad and require full anonymity or you are just too afraid to throw on that 2 piece and whine up ya body. My body is never where I want it to be but it's not going to stop me from enjoying something. I will be right there jigglin' down the road.

I've always wanted to experience carnival, elsewhere, but for whatever reasons, going never panned out. But I sit here writing this post thinking how proud I am that the very first Carnival I will participate in will be my very own, Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival!!! Where I will celebrate with my beautiful Bahamian people. That's some pretty cool shit.

Because after all, it's about the PEOPLE! So tourists, HERE I COME, this is one Bahamian you will have a good time with :) GET READY!

Stay tuned for my follow up post next week documenting my experience!

#ReadyFaDaRoad, Candilaria 

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