10 Reasons to STOP wearing a Bra

Yesterday, as I was walking out of my front door, I had a feeling of free-ness. I felt my body and realized, Ah, I wasn't wearing a bra. Hmmmm, how did that happen? I usually put on my under garments before anything else. How did I manage to NOT put on a bra?! Perhaps it was due to my subconscious thoughts of damning all bras to hell.

Braless Diana

Mind you, I am a woman very much caught up in the bra world. I need it. It's a comfort for me. Or I think I need it. It helps to make these boobies look like "sense". I mean, I have two children, whom I breastfed. I'm in my mid-thirties, and naturally breasts won't be as firm, supple and sticky, right? I don't have breasts like a teenager anymore, so I need something to MAKE them look that way again, right?

I suppose the role of the bra as always been for aesthetics and possibly as well as the "need" for breasts to be covered up. Even UNDER all of your clothing? Weird.

We aren't comfortable enough for loose boobies. Or maybe we are getting there, as somehow I managed to forget to put a bra on the other day. Now, I don't have big boobies and it may be the reason why I am able to give up wearing a bra a bit more readily than others. (But please remember, small don't mean a thing!) Some women need them for the support for much bigger boobies because without them they feel too heavy. Whatever the reasons are, 

Here is my list of 10 reasons why we should just give up wearing a bra...

10. No more variety of bra sizes to choose from in your drawer.  If you're anything like me, I have different size cups and back sizes. From 32B to 34D. I didn't always have small boobies, ya know! :)

 9. #10 leads to SAVING MONEY! Who doesn't like saving money, though?

 8. It makes it easier to BREASTFEED! If you are breastfeeding, kudos to you. It's not easy. So why not make things simpler when you can. Nix the bra and always be ready and available to feed!

 7. Better breathing! You know sometimes the bra is too tight, hey. 

 6. Prevents dents and marks. Tight bras or the wrong size bras lead to dents in the shoulders and marks about the body. Don't abuse yourself that way.

 5. We've done away with the corset, so why not the Bra too?! Corsets were sexy but how beneficial were they and to whom?

 4. You know that feeling you get when you take off your bra when you arrive home?  Yeah that, ALL THE TIME! Enough said.

 3. It really doesn't help to improve the lift of your breasts. If you think the bra is helping to lift your breasts so that they don't sag, (and is why you secretly sleep with one on as well) you are sadly mistaken. It actually trains your muscles to depend on something else to support them and so the muscles go on a long ass vacation.

 2. It allows us to learn to love and accept our bodies as they are. To be able to be confident in your body and all it's natural beauty should always be the goal.

 1. Because it is hella SEXY! How incredibly sexy did I feel yesterday without it?! Very! A liberating feeling and probably because I gave zero fucks. 

I don't say all of this to say that it won't be difficult. It's hard even for me to do. But I'm working at it. Yesterday, as I exited the house I hesitated for a few minutes trying to decide if I should go back in the house for a bra. My husband then looks at me and says, "your level of confidence or lack thereof is directly related to other people." I knew the words coming out of his mouth all too well but hearing it at that moment struck a cord.

He was right. Most times our confidence is based on what other people will think or say (especially behind our backs). Walking around without a bra when you don't want to is to please others, not you. But here's the kicker, what we think other people are thinking may not even be what they are in fact thinking!

So I say, if you want to go sans bra, DO IT! If the "others" have a problem with it, tell them to close their eyes! LOL

**Disclaimer** I still encourage sports bras for exercise because boobies bouncing up and down can hurt and is just downright annoying!

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