Story of the Staycation Sunglasses!

It's May, the month of the Annual Mother's Day Staycation! Yup I checked into a Bed and Breakfast for the weekend, just me, no husband, no children and no bra! Sigh....
I live for this weekend every year. Every year I always have a great plan to get dressed up and go to a five star restaurant for an expensive multi course dinner alone, yes alone!!! But each year it never happens. Every year I always have a great plan to finish reading a novel. But each year it never happens. Every year I always have a great plan to go out dancing and stay out until dawn. But each year it never happens.
What happens? You guessed it... I sleep! Every damn year! On Saturday afternoon I opened my eyes at 1pm and kept them open to snap the images above. I sat on the balcony gazing at the waves break on the reef in the distance pondering the hours I wasted asleep. Seriously, who runs away from home to snooze? Apparently, I do!
Was I disappointed in my choice to exist? Was I disappointed in my lack of desire to change out of my sarong? Was I disappointed in my lack of adventure? Honestly? Yes!
But not for friggin long! #itiredman
With two kids, a husband, a house, a job and no housekeeper and natural hair, on any given day there is homework, housework, sexwork ( not a word, just made it up but I bet you know what it means) and hairwork ( not a word either but my naturalistas know the process of maintaining a fly ass poof!)
With that said, I have some advice for those of you considering a Mother's Day Staycation!
5 Do's and Don'ts of a Mother's Day Staycation!
1. Don't Make Plans...
    This time away is for you! It's okay if you decide at the spur of the moment
    you want to leave the property, but let it be sporadic! Don't make plans you
    have to cancel. I made reservations at a restaurant. I failed to show up!
2. Do Take Supplies...
    Pack everything you think you will need. Alcohol, snacks, books, magazines,
    fingernail polish, remover, etc. Take all you think you will need to avoid
    leaving the property. Also make sure you pack the correct quantity. This
    weekend I left in search of wine only because I ran out! Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Do Your Research...
    Make sure the resort is what you desire. Do you want a kitchenette or is a
    beautiful view more important? Do you want a large garden tub or is a
    shower sufficient? Steps or elevator? Pool or not so much? Tripadvisor 
    and Booking.yeah are my best friends. I read reviews, look at customer
    photos etc. This year I visited a new property. With that said, I  knew what to
    expect. The last experience you want is to be utterly uncomfortable with a
    property for an entire staycation!
4. Do Pack Wisely
    Do forget your bra or maybe not. This year I wore a sarong for the entire
    time. But when I needed to go to Bristol I had no bra! Oh well, to the liquor
    store I went in my bikini and sarong! Sure did! And guess what, no one
    cared! It is a pet peeve of mine to forget something I need. I forgot my Dove
    Soap and my face wash! Smt! I had intentions of going to purchase these
    items but I never made it. I have two pimples on my face now because of a
    lack of planning!
5. Don't Extend Invitations
    Lord knows my children would enjoy an afternoon of fun and sun by the pool!
    Maybe I should let them come for a few hours? I had that thought one year.
    Really, I did! Oh hell no! Never happened. Candi bought me back to my
    senses real quick! Remember this is your weekend!
    This year I considered inviting a girlfriend over so we could catch up
    with some 'girl time'.... Nope I digested that thought too. Good thing because
    I would have cancelled that lunch date. At lunch time I was still in bed!!!!!!!!
Ladies, do try a staycation whether alone or with girlfriends. It has always been a vision of ours for Married Working Mothers to host a staycation. Each year on the drive home I feel rejuvenated to plan the 1st Annual MWM's Staycation. Imagine us at a resort, chillaxing whether in a room or by the pool....

Until I blog again,


Fabulous Raeh said...

THIS is a GREAT idea! Awesomeness.

Eric Hall said...

You would think after 6 years of this I wouldn't miss you over a weekend. But as it seems..."I've grown accustomed to your face".

I am glad you rested and enjoyed space and time alone. You deserve it!

Sharm said...

Girl Tiff, I need one of them!!!

Sandena Neely said...

Give me permission to plan the MWMs Staycation and it will be ALL done in 24 hours - October Holiday Weekend! *smiles*

Samita/smile/hope said...

This was so worth the read!!!! Dreaming of doing such thing.. Think I will do just that:)

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