Keshala and Tiffany enjoying a drink and great company!

For all of those that missed last night's drink at Luciano's, not to worry!  We will be there same time, same place, next week November 5, 2013.  Please Save the Date, make arrangements and come out and enjoy yourselves!

We had one MWM join us, but we still had a great time! It starts with one. :)

I hope to see and meet more of you!

MWMs Management, Candilaria and Tiffany


Natasha Nixon said...

On a school night...gurrr!!! Ok thanks for the heads up.I'll try my best to make the next one!

MWMs said...

Yes, sorry...it is a school night. It's just most times the weekends are spent running errands, children parties, showers, funerals, time for extended families, church, etc. You get the point. An hour or two on Tuesday if planned in advance can work! So gal plan plan plan! And hope to see you out one of these Tuesdays!

Miss Worrell said...

I finally have a chance to be there! So excited about November 5th .. see u guys then

MWMs said...

Yay! See you there Miss Worrell!!!

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