Well, it's been a hot minute. Since I last wrote, life got busy. My days are now consumed with supervising Channing as she completes homework or heaven forbid a project, helping a new colleague adjust to her new job, going to the gym...(yes I exercise now Jhemi Wellness has a special, $45.00 a month for teachers). I have been preparing for sight word tests, forgetting swim caps, waiting for Chases's teeth to arrive (he is two years old with six teeth..go figure...they will show up when they show up), hanging out with Eric at Festivals, watching pumpkins being carved and keeping my eyebrows as shaped as I can until I can get them threaded again.
Despite all of that, all that we call motherhood and marriage, the good and the bad...I am officially back at a place to start writing again. It is only fitting that I begin where I left off because...It is still okay.

1. It's okay to add a few clip in hair extensions because your hair needs to be 
    permed and you don't want to comb through your new growth.

2. It's okay to brush your teeth at 1:15pm when you are on vacation.

3. It's okay to celebrate your child's birthday a day late because you want to 
   hang out with your best friend, baby daddy at the Wine Tasting.

4. It's okay to skip Grey's Anatomy because you are sooooo over it and Scandal
    is off the chain!

5. It's okay to miss your mom!

6. It's okay to hate doing chores you once enjoyed before you had children. 
    I need a gardener on staff!

7. It's okay to get excited about picking your daughter up from school to only 
    wish two hours later that she would go back to school and stop talking your
    head off!

8. It's okay to celebrate every time your menstrual         cycle arrives!

9. It's okay to exercise then have a drink.

10. It's okay if you are not allowed to bake treats for child's class.
A friend sent this to me.... she knows I share the same baking skills with this mother who was only trying to be a good mother! JOKES!


Tammie Brooks-Evans said...

Now that is funny. Can't wait to hang out with you next weekend. We will do what working moms do...drink and not make excuses for it. Love you Soror...It's almost our 20th anniversary. Boy how time flies!

MWMs said...

Hi Babes,
Thank you for supporting Married Working Mothers!
See you soon.

sknowles said...

Awesome. Its Ok! I fall into soooo many of these categories. Great job Tiffany. When is the next social?

sknowles said...

And by the way, agreed Scandal is so freaking good!!!

Miss Worrell said...

hahaha How funny is that.. now that I know its okay to drink after exercise, I am more encouraged to do so... as I put on my running shoes.. hehe

MWMs said...

Hello S. Knowles,

Thank you for supporting Married Working Mothers. I am glad you enjoyed the post. The next social is on Tuesday at Lucianos at 5:30pm. I hope to see you there. It's okay to meet women on a Tuesday and unwind from your life if only for an hour.


MWMs said...

S. Knowles,

Can I confess...I fell asleep on Scandal. Totally have to get to the DVR and catch up before Thursday!


MWMs said...

Miss Worell,

As always, thank you for the support!
Keep on putting on those running shoes. The more we exercise the more we can drink...water that is! Yeahhhh right!


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