I didn't watch Scandal last night, but I watched it this morning after school
drop off and with a big cup of hot tea, uninterrupted and speakers on loud.

Ahhh....nothing like a little Scandal in the morning! :)

Does Olivia ever get the day off??? Not sure I want to be a Gladiator for realsies because then I won't get to sit on the couch and do things like watch last night's episode.  hee hee.

But what a dark and emotionally filled episode this was...ughh!

 Mrs. Smith goes to Capitol demanding the government to declassify her son's file and disclose the real reason why the FBI killed her son. Her gut feeling was that her son was innocent and not a terrorist the world pegged him to be. Olivia just happened to be trapped in the Congressman's office with Mrs. Smith, the Congressman and six (6) employees and with all the back and forth the entire episode kept us guessing and wondering what was the true story.  Was he innocent?  Was he what the FBI said he was?  It was heart wrenching either way to watch a mother feel not only the pain over the lost of her son but watching the story unfold.

Olivia negotiated with the FBI and called on her team to help her find out the details of the file.  She also called on Jake who then called Fitz to ask him to help Olivia. Fitz was super jealous that Jake was calling in a favour for Liv but considering all the drama that has happened in the past couple of weeks it's best that Fitz and Olivia aren't seen together or talk to each other.  As Cy explained, "because there is no way in hell I'm allowing the two of you to share a headline for the third week running."

In the meantime, Huck was following Eli Pope's every move.  Plotting revenge for completely mucking up his life.  But Huck should know better. Papa Pope knew he was being followed from second 1.  While Eli went to visit someone who knew about operation Remington, this was Huck's chance to seek his revenge and do away with the Command of B613.  He froze and instead he ended up killing for his Command.

Poor Huck.

Back in the Capitol, Olivia finally learnt the truth about Mrs. Smith's son.  He was in fact an American hero and his death was accidental.  But his mother cannot know that.  She cannot know the truth. 57 undercover CIA's lives depends on it. Although we know Olivia's moral compass is always pointing in the right direction, she knows within herself she cannot disclose this to Mrs. Smith.  So she painfully tells Mrs. Smith that her son was in fact a terrorist and literally just breaks Mrs. Smith's heart all over again.  I think we knew Mrs. Smith was going to die either way.  But she did under her own terms and blew herself up.

Does anyone else notice that Olivia tends to go to her office first before she heads home after a long day? I think that is such a weird habit. Anyhoo, she does and is greeted by a very broken Huck. Huck needs help.  Huck needs his family.  

When Olivia arrives home, Scott approaches her with a kiss on the cheek. (Did I mention that I like Jake? Good Jake, good Jake). Olivia questioned Jakes release to which Jake had no answer. No one is released without a reason. Huck's release was to protect her but what is the reason for Jake's?  Jake admitted that it was her face that kept him alive while in the hole. Awwww.

Huck. Olivia. Jake.  All controlled by one man, Eli Pope.

Before I wrap up...I can we talk about Mellie's very honest and deep monologue with Fitz after all the hoopla! 
Mellie: If your whore had died today brave and strong, protecting a Congressman inside the Capitol with a nation watching, honey, the nails, the wood, the cross you would build and hammer her on, the worship you would feel for the rest of your days down on your knees praying to Saint Olivia Pope. That would be...I'd lose. Our little war. I'd lose. I am spectacular, but I can't compete with religious fervour, but no, I was not praying that she'd be blown up today. I am not miserable. I'm celebrating. Because Olivia Pope still walks this Earth. She's still alive. And as long as she's still alive, well, she's your flaw. Your Achilles heel. Which makes her my weapon. She's the strings that if need be I will pull to make my puppet husband dance. So cheers, baby. Drink up. I live to fight another day.
Brilliantly written and marvellously acted.  And the award goes to....Bellamy Young!

What did you think of "Mrs. Smith goes to Washington?"  Do you think Huck could ever be healed?  What about Olivia? 

I'm spent, Candilaria

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