So how bootleg am I???

I didn't write a review for the season premiere of Scandal!!!  How even more bootleg am I, that I missed the first 15 minutes of it?!  I fell asleep during Grey's Anatomy (does anyone think Grey's entire story line is just way too outrageous these days?!? It's like Ughhh, enough much more drama can Meredith go through??? know what, I take that back!). 

Waking up already 15 minutes into the episode and groggy, I just couldn't keep up! Although I watched the rest of it, I was no good to write a review. I sowee. #itbeslikethatsometimes

My Thursday evenings are complete again! 

So since we are already a week into the season, I will begin with the second episode...

Just to recap, Olivia was ousted as The President's mistress, but while she, Fitz and Mellie tried to construct some version of the truth to go to the public, the Gladiators had their plan to get Liv out of this mess.  How genius was it that Fitz was the one that leaked her name to the press?! Shocked me too but made so much sense Take that Mellie.  Olivia is free of you! When you're going up against Mellie you have to stay a step ahead. 

The gladiators cleverly (and kinda messed up) threw the President's top aide, Jeannine, under the bus as being his mistress.  She is now their client and Olivia is going up against the White House to defend and clear her name.

This show is brilliant! Brilliant I say!

We finally learn more about Olivia and her past.  Her dad, Eli Pope. How scary is he?! Yikes. 

Liv put the pieces together and found out (with the help from her then homeless friend Huck) that daddy dearest is THE Command for the top secret "I train people to kill" section B613.  He went from cheery to eerie in 0.2 seconds and literally took my nerves! But hey, we now know where her insatiable love of red wine came from. Sunday dinners. 

Red red wine...courtesy of Entertainment Weekly
Huck also found out that Mr. Pope is Command, and he's not happy.  Not one bit. My heart ached when he put his hands on Liv.  Olivia and Huck's relationship has been extremely honest, genuine, and close. How will this change things after last night?  It will be interesting to watch. And can I just ask, did Quinn piss any of you off?  I'm sorry but she was every bit annoying and her actions were quite unsettling.

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Back to a nutshell, Olivia wanted to clear her name from the allegations of sleeping with Fitz.  Mellie paid Jeannine a visit and convinced her to take the fall. She agreed.  But Fitz beat her to the punch.  Why you ask?  Olivia wanted Jake to return home safely.  She called her lover to ensure Jakes safety and release. Fitz apparently doesn't have any jurisdiction over B613 but what does Olivia care.  He's the damn President, get it done!  So because of his love for Liv, Fitz "admitted" he had Jeannine "six ways to Sunday all over the White House" (that was for Sally Langston...hehe) because that was the only way Papa Pope would release Jake and if Liv agreed to have Sunday dinners with him again.

Was anyone else shocked to learn about the attack on Edison back when he and Olivia were engaged?!  Here we thought she just wasn't that into him. But she had no choice to break it off!  Wow. Mr. Pope, controlling much?

The episode ended with Jake knocking on Olivia's door and the look on her face when she saw him was of shock and relief.  She certainly cares about him.  What a love triangle this will be!  HOT.  Hot I tell ya!

I'll leave you with some awesome Scandal quotes for this episode:

Cyrus: You're evil.Mellie: You're welcome.
Fitz: Somewhere, in another life, another reality, we are married and we have four kids, and we live in Vermont, and I'm the mayor--Olivia: And I make jam.Fitz: And you make jam.
Huck: Quinn, I know I've taught you lots of things but you should try to be less like me. You should be less like me. And more like Liv.
Eli: “You don’t know me that way. You don’t want to know me that way.” “You are on my dime. Pick up your menu and tell me about your day.”
And the quote of the night was... 
Fitz: “How presidential are my balls now, Cy?”

What did you think of "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?" Good Jake? Bad Jake? Can we find out what was in that folder?! Is Joe Morton a great actor, or what?!

"Are we Gladiators? Or are we b*tches?" ~ Harrison, 

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