It's Okay!

1. It's okay to watch sports if only to look at the tattoos.
2. It's okay to enjoy working with your child to complete their project                 because you are drinking wine.
3. It's okay to cancel a nail appointment because you spent your money on          poster board for your child's project.
4. It's okay to clean in your pajamas.
5. It's okay to not go to church because Sunday School is closed on the last
    Sunday of every month.

Channing and Chase after church. I'll be honest not today.... Sunday School was closed!

6. It's okay to feel guilty that your children watch too much television but            not have the energy to find something else to do with them.
7. It's okay to not call a friend because you realize you have nothing in                common anymore.
8. It's okay to hate the Crayola or any other company that makes crayons.
9. It's okay to think you are the coolest wife ever!
10. It's okay to love your life in spite of all the little details you would                   change.


Sandena Neely said...

I'm with you Tiff!

I second ALL that stuff!!!! LOL!!!!

Demetria Moss said...

lol....Love it!