Motherhood: Favourite Lunch Reciepes?

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Do you think I have time to prepare snacks like these to send to school?


But doesn't this look great?

If only I can get organized enough to write down all of the ingredients needed, get to the grocery store, make these snacks then teach my housekeeper how to do the same.

Yes I said it... housekeeper because remember I don't have the time but more importantly energy to make this every week.

Check out these lunchboxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Clearly these were not packed by Married Working Mothers!!!!!!!!!!!
But oh how I aspire for my child's lunchbox to look like these. Where do I begin?

This is our first year with sending a lunch. In previous years Channing was a lunch ticket kind of kid! I wonder if we have bitten off more than we can chew by changing our habits and complicating our lives.

Are you packing a lunch like this for your child?  If you are like me here are some links to check out.

Lunch Recipe Ideas

How to get organized

Toddler Recipes

I think the key is getting off of my butt, stop watching football and get in the kitchen. There has to be an app for this!


Until I pack again,

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