Husbands Do Know Best

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Stop laughing... husbands can know best! 
This is only true if you picked a good man to marry. Some of you are married to men you don't value and therefore will not submit to, yes I used the word submit but that is a completely different blog!


I have a new shower buddy. Her name is Channing. For the past two weeks, my four year old daughter has asked to take a shower with me. 

Makes sense! 

Bath time is faster and drier. 
I can model how to bathe correctly. 
But what if she sees my tattoo?

Channing's desire to shower with me intensified because we have a fa real girlie moment. The boys take their showers first, then the girls put on their girlie towel head wraps. I had no idea a new mother and daughter routine would begin when I purchased them at Target this summer. (Totally love them though!)

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And so, Channing and I wrap our heads 
get in the shower and have a blast. We 
looked so adorable together, I took a 
photo to remember the moment 
right before we hopped in the shower.

Channing enjoyed our head wrap photo 
shoot so much that while preparing
for another shower she asked if we could take 
pictures again. Her Dad said "No!"
I gave him a quizzical look. His response was

"We don't take pictures with our clothes off. We should only take pictures with our clothes on." 

I opened my mouth to refute. I took a head shot photo the first time and would only do the same tonight. Okay fine, our bare shoulders were a tad bit visible. Clearly Eric remembered our shoulders and not our beautiful smiles from our first photo. I kept my mouth shut. 

Here goes... I admit it. Eric was right.

As a father, his goal is to keep Channing off of the pole when she gets older. 
( His words!) His foresight in achieving that goal began tonight with that one directive. Channing needs to be taught that she should not take pictures with her clothes off. But my goodness, the girl is only four years old. Does her father have to start teaching this life lesson now? Really?

The little life lessons we teach them today will one day soon be big life lessons to help them along the way! 

Little girls are posting nude photos on the internet all the time. I cannot say Channing will never do the same, I am sure my mother thought I would never get a tattoo, but I did. One day in the near future Channing will make choices I disagree with as well but that does not mean we should stop instilling values, morals, etiquette and good ole fashion common sense.

After her father told her no photos with no clothes on, Channing came up with her own proposal. (Her new favourite vocabulary word she read in a Fancy Nancy Book...check out the series) She said, "How about we take a picture after we put on our pajamas?" Absolutely!

My Shower Buddy and I after our bath
Our husbands do know best

They may not close drawers, put clothes in the hamper instead of on top of the hamper, put cups in the sink after use, put their own tools away, throw away diapers after changing them...sorry I digress, but if given the chance they are protectors.

Give your husband a chance to protect you and your family. 

I could have disagreed with Eric about taking another photo which in my humble opinion is a subtle way of emasculating him but tonight I stepped back and allowed him to be a husband and father.

Let your husband be a husband/father too!

Thank you Eric. In the words of Channing Hall and I quote..."You're the best!"

Until we shower again,


Giavana Jones said...

"Give your husband a chance to protect you and your family. " very very timely post! thanks for sharing, definitely made me rethink a discussion hubby and I just had about our little one.

MWMs said...

Hi Gia,

Thank you for your comment.
Did you have your baby yet?

I am so glad this post was timely for you. I am glad I was able to help you in this small little way.

As the days go by, remember that your husband is not the enemy. He truly wants to make you and your little one happy.


Sandena Neely said...

Okay Tiff - ya just mash my big acrylic toenail - LOL!

But yes - I agree with you Husbands Do Know Best alot of the time and I am in full agreement with Eric. By taking that stance and continuing to take similar stances when things arise is a very good mark of consistency. Our kids will grow up hearing the same things over and over and over.
Far too often the message changes as we grow and move to different phases of development and we end up being confused and hurt by the varying degrees of what is acceptable and what is not.

In our household, we always speak to our kids in an adult-like manner, we use plain and simple words and we tell them that the message will not change. We have assured them that throughout their lives they will hear Mommy and Daddy saying the same things - "manners and respect will take you around the world", "eat your vegetables", "always be honest", put God first" - there's no baby goo goo ga ga language with our kids - the messages we speak and send to them will NOT change.

Yolanda Darville said...

I absolutely loved this post! Of course the content had me laughing my head off, but what really got me was the message. I wholeheartedly agree that our husbands' intentions are to love and protect us even though it may not always feel like it. Thank you for showing how important it is to let them do that even in the little things. And I can not WAIT to read that post about submission. That one should get lots of responses!!

MWMs said...

Hi Sandena,

Thank you for your comment and support.

I am so happy I know someone else who believes in some good ole fashion parenting. I see your daughter frequently. She is someone I would want my daughter to call friend.

Well done babes!

MWMs said...

Hi Yolanda,

Thank you for your comment.

Yes, mothers make so many of the day to day decisions. Daddies need to have a say so as well.

GAL, submission post. TRUST and BELIEVE what I have to say will get responses. I love the topic!!!!!!!!!!