Guest Blog: Split Personalities

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Have you ever looked at your kids and asked yourself "What was I thinking" or "Who fooled me...twice!!" 

Better yet, have you ever woke up wishing the kids were all grown up and no longer lived at home only to be kicked back to reality in the chin by little feet or morning breath in your face asking for cereal at 6a.m. on a Saturday morning?

I have been blessed with two beautiful girls, Raven is ten years old and Riley is two years old. Some of you may think "You did great, the older one can help with the baby" or "At least she can dress herself and make her bed"...Wrong, wrong wrong!!! 

These two little people are like opposing politicians in The House of Assembly. 

Raven has a strong personality, independent and always speaks her mind. I constantly have to remind her of who is the parent and who is the child. Riley is very clingy, a cry baby and a trouble maker!! Oh did I mention she's still nursing?!?! Yes, at two and a half years old with a mouth full of teeth!! Is it okay when your child tells you "Mommy lay down, want boobies"?!?!?! I don't think so!!  Raven weaned herself at nine months old but at this rate...I think I'm going to have to send my left breast to college. 

Presently I'm having the "P" talk with both my girls...The dreaded "Period" and the "Potty" talk; imagine that!! Okay picture this...We're  driving in a shoebox size car, one's screaming her head off because she wants to watch Dora for the 100th time on the portable dvd player and the other one is screaming "Pull over, let me out, can't watch another Dora show!" I'm holding my head and singing "99 bottle of beer on the wall"...trying not to loose my mind.

Having an eight year gap definitely has it challenges, no two days are the same but I wouldn't change a single thing about my girls. They are the love of my life. Even though they are as different as night and day, they do have one thing in common... me! I see myself in both of them. Having said that, what does that say about me... Am I a schizo?!?! Can any of you other MWMs relate to my "split personalities"?!?! 

Written By:
Natasha Nixon

I am thirty-three years old and I’ve been married for eight years. I have two beautiful daughters and a dog. I’m very religious, grew up in a Pentecostal church but I now study the Anglican faith. By profession, I’m a Property Manager to high end clients. My motto to my kids are “Do onto others as you have them do onto you”. I love being a wife and mom wouldn’t change anything in my world!!  


MWMs said...


Great Post!

Below you will find a comment from my mother!

Thank you so much for your post if only for the reason that my mom can express her brilliance!


Praise The Lord, a young mother expressed what I have said from the days I became a superwoman, namely a mother.

Bless Natasha's heart and left breast, but besides the different personalities, her life is just beginning to become exciting. Wait until it is time to attend birthday parties, Riley cannot go to the big girl's party and Raven will definitely not want to hang with the babies, so what happens, Mom will become the chauffeur every weekend to different parties and maybe two in one day. If she sends them to Girl Guides, most likely her luck will be, that they meet on different days.

She already has the experience of different movie choices and the fun part begins when Raven is dating and Mom wants a chaperone, she cannot send Riley along (as a spy). The girls won't be wearing makeup at the same time, so mom needs to pray that Riley won't get a blow for messing with Raven's make-up. Had they been closer in age, they would experiment the art of being makeup artists together.

The only point I am making here is, if possible, have the children 2 1/2 to 3 years apart so that they can do a lot of things together.

Why am I telling you this, Ms Tiffany, because once again (but from someone else's experience) it appears that I was and still am smart and it is a reminder that MOTHERS KNOWS BEST.


I know you are happy that this time I am not wearing my I TOLD YOU SO SMILE!

Your favourite mom,

Natasha Nixon said...

Tiffany. ..sorry to say but mommy is right, as usual! I kept saying one more year, one more year and one day I woke up and it was eight years later. They will never share the same interest or get alone. Riley is always messing with Raven's stuff and Raven just want to be left alone!!

Mommy Geneva...Thank you so much for that visual of such good times ahead.I'm going to pour me another glass of wine!!