Are You Ready For Some Football?

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There are two types of women in this world... women who watch football and women who don't!

There are two types of women who watch football any given Sunday...women who know what offsides, first downs and punts are, women who know that Any Given Sunday is a football movie and then there are women who watch football at a Superbowl party, the type of women who talk instead of watching the game! ( Real football women hate the fake football females. Go watch Lifetime like you normally do instead of interrupting us during the Superbowl! Take your girlie pies, your casseroles and leave us with the nachos and the men! Sorry let me reel that back in!)

Which type of woman are you?

If you haven't guessed it by now I am a football girl. My husband met me like this. I don't do football because he does football, I do football because what sport is better?

Now I know MWMs has readers who play football. There is a vibrant female flag football league in our country. ALL HAIL TO YOU. "Great you are!" I aspire to your talent, teamwork and tenacity to tackle and score touchdowns!

(Touchdowns are the six points... nevermind, either you know or you don't!)

And so for those of us who watch the game, today is a great day. Today is the first sunday of the 2013-2014 NFL Football season. Thank goodness! Sundays are now about church and football.

Which team do I support? None! I know right!!!!!!!!!! 
I  just like to talk smack about all teams especially the mighty mighty worthless Miami Dolphins. 

As I type I am watching the Jets/ Bucs game. I have to confess I am a Geno Smith Fan. I want him to succeed, just like I want Vick to protect his body and win some games. I just like the game.

I know some of you do too!

To my women who miss their husbands on Sundays because they are somewhere watching a game, my advice to you is... I have none. Oh no, yes I do have some advice. DON'T PRETEND TO LIKE THE GAME IF YOU DON'T. Let your husband go watch the game, just make sure when he comes home he has something fun to come to or else he will stay out longer watching yet another game.

For those of you who want to learn the game, I will gladly teach you. Serious inquiries only!

Until I watch again, 


MWMs said...

I am not a huge Jets fan but Go Geno! Go Geno! My husband says Geno has Bahamian roots with a last name of Smith!

Looka Rex man! The fella is melting away!

Sandena Neely said...

GREAT BLOG Tiff - you know I'm a football-lovin' kinda woman. Been a Cowboys fan ALL my life!!!

And I agree with you - Rex Ryan is certainly melting away hahaha!