10 Things Married Working Mothers Never Say!

1.  "Oh you don't want to eat the chicken mummy cooked? No problem baby, I will cook something entirely different just for you."
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2.  "Who me? I don't need a break!"
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3.  "Mom, you don't have to keep the children, I know you're tired."


4.  "No alcohol for me.  I'm good, thanks!" 

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5.  "I really enjoy going to school plays on a Sunday.  I don't need the one day I have to be off."

6.  "Oh please honey, come inside the bathroom while I tinkle and let's have a full conversation of how your day went."

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7.  "I can't wait to get home to fold those two loads of laundry."

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8.  To your boss: "Of course I can stay late to help you finish this project."

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9. "I absolutely love waking up at 5:00am every morning! It really gets me going."

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10. "Sweetie, how come you don't have any homework tonight? Darnnit, I was really looking forward to doing long division with you!"

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What are some of the things you never say? :)

Hope this puts a smile on your face.  Enjoy the weekend ladies!

"It's after 5pm already? I need another hour!"

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