GUEST BLOG: I’m Jealous of My Wife’s Hair!

Tiffany and I
So I am what’s called a LSD, Light Skinned Brother; hard red; mixed; bright…whatever. With that complexion came mixed hair. It is not 4C but it is not straight nor is it particularly curly.

I have been said to have good hair; something I rebuke not as a HBCU “enlightened brutha” but just as a coloured man who thinks it is not particularly intelligent to say something so dumb. It’s illogical.

However, I still have hair issues. When I was a baby I had big curls; as a young boy a stay soft fro afro and a partial shag that my mother lamented my father for allowing the barber to give me.  Once in high school I was able to pick my own barber and style…I pulled off the ramp, the wedge, I rocked a pretty solid high top fade. Then I started to want more. I wanted the picky look. I wanted to look more thug. Never worked.
I owned a pair of these exact glasses!
By adulthood I became comfortable using basic methods and moisturizer to enhance my most natural look of low curls. I been rocking that for a while now, but there is a problem.

Black women’s hair has never been an issue for me. I appreciate just about any style or texture and don’t have much issue with weave or wigs (once they are done properly). I was on the horsehair-joke committee for a stint and never appreciated the weave that sought to trick me. Nowadays, Remy is so affordable and common it is obvious and acceptable.

My wife Tiffany...flawless!
My wife has spent 11 of the last 12 years with me fussing over her hair. She has worn almost every style I can think of and has come through an incredible journey of self care both of her spirit and her hair to the point that she has returned natural.

Herein lies my problem. I am jealous of my wife’s hair. Her natural hair has released a level of regality that we did not anticipate. She does not cry over her hair anymore. It looks like a crown now. In fact in its natural state it is more and more her crowning glory than it ever has been.

It is thick, 4C to be exact (if you don’t know what 4C means, you ain’ serious). It is strong, curly and koil-y; and it is full of character. Her hair tells her story of strength. She is so proud and walks taller with it. She knows other women are jealous because she rocks that hair with confidence.

Tiffany took this photo this past January on her 42nd Birthday!

I am jealous of my wife’s hair. My hair is thinning. It doesn’t grow the way it used to. These curls trying hard but I think they giving up. So, I grew a beard. I feel like I cannot compete with my wife who is so damn fine.  I am using all the rejected products she has tried. Some work some don’t. I am grooming this beard.

Go girl!

Signed Guest Blogger,
Eric Hall


Kimwood Mott said...

To the guest blogger. Does this now mean "panties off"? Before the rest of your minds go in the gutter, please go back a few blogs. However the guest blogger can take it either way. He has papers! LOL

Anonymous said...

Well said sir!