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As we countdown the days to our Independence, I reflect on all things Bahamian.  What does The Bahamas mean to me? What makes us who we are?  

For me, it's the people.  

I love how colourful we are.  By colourful, I mean our personalities, the way we talk, the way we walk, the way we dress, and just the way we interact with each other.  You will always hear a Bahamian say they can spot another Bahamian no matter where they are in the world.  We laugh and make jokes about how true that is!  Some days driving around town, the sights and people  you stumble upon make you either laugh or shake your head and say to yourself, "only in The Bahamas".

Here is my list of a few things of when you know "you is a" Bahamian:

A potcake, stray dog

1.  When fire engine is something you eat (corned beef and rice!)
2.  When "potcake" is a stray dog, burnt rice at the bottom of the pot, or a person mixed with different ethnicity's.  Oh and we can't forget the Potcake, the man with the shopping cart filled with car rims
3.  When 5 dogs laying in your yard and none of them are yours 
4.  Gives directions like this "You know the blue and white building on the   corner with the laundry mat and liquor store? Yea, Ok.  Don't turn through that corner, my house through da next corner" (hehe)
Make shift store, this time in the centre of a median
5.  When you put up a make-shift store on the side of the road selling the same merchandise for half the price than the big time (legitimate) store across the streets.
6.  When you trying to find the best "asue" to join
7.  When you can be heard saying "well muddasick" (an expression used to emphasize every kind of emotion)
8.  When you start or end a sentence with the word "Bey"
9.  When you say you "gern unda da dock".  No, not under the bridge...unda da dock!
10. When you going "unda da dock" for one conch snack and one cold Kalik
11. When you switch your accent to an American one when speaking to a tourist
12. You come back from Miami with three big suitcases (full) and claim you only spent $300 to the customs officer
13. When you use the plastic bag from the grocery store as a garbage bag.
14. When you go buy a $100 bathing suit only to go in the water with a T-Shirt over it.
15.  When you party all night on Christmas Day until it's time to go to Junkanoo at 1:00am on Boxing Day

Gotta love my people!

I will leave you with a video from one of my favourite local artists, Papa Smurf.   I love that you can hear his authentic Bahamian accent as he raps.

Here is one of his songs, "I am a Bahamian" featuring Da Element & Sherrol Rahming.  Enjoy!

Happy 40th Anniversary Bahamas!

A Bahamian Gal, Candilaria

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