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On my previous post I had to end writing quite abruptly because my twenty month old son was on my lap whining with pain from teething.


I was in the process of sharing what I believe to be true at the age of forty in response to The Bahamas celebrating 40 Years of Independence.

Let's continue....

What I Know To Be True At 40!

21. The older I get the more I love make-up. Hello Concealer!
22. I no longer jump out of bed. It is a slow deliberate process.
23. I wish I heard more stories from my grandmother about my history.
24. Fingernail polish or the perfect lipstick can make you feel glamorous.
25. The saying, 'This too shall pass' is true. 
26. A glass of wine can save your marriage!
27. Learn to work hard and play hard.
28. Children really do grow up quickly. I am my mother's baby and I am 40!
29. Many of us aren't as intelligent as we would like to think we are.
30. Clean the kitchen before you go to bed. Waking up to a 
      dirty kitchen sucks.
31. Our children are watching our every move.
32. Authenticity is my most important character trait.
33. Healing can come through confrontation.
34. As Maya Angelou said, 'When people show you who they are, believe 
     them the first time'
35. Forget love, you have to like the person you marry.
36. Writing in my journal is therapeutic.
37. God did not want everyone to have flat abs! If so, where are mine?
38. Having a dream for your life is easy, achieving it... not so much.
39. Hurt people hurt people.
40. I got to know Tiffany and I love her!

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