SORRY MRS. THOMPSON BUT YOUR BIRTH CONTROL HAS BEEN RECALLED..."Say what?! Can you please repeat that statement for me M'am." I said with my eyes closed and hand on my beating ever so quickly heart. I then asked her "when did this happen?! and why?!"...The end of May the pharmacist said.  In horror I said "END OF MAY! But Miss, it's the middle of July!"....and then she proceeded with "it was recalled due to it's ineffectiveness" legs went to jelly and eyes went blurry. I just about fainted.  

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No, I'm not pregnant.  Thank you, Lord!  But I could have been! Here it is I am putting all my faith, my life into this pill and they are going to tell me it was ineffective! Like my folks would say "well, by George!" (please don't ask me what that means...LOL...and I wish you could hear me say it rather than read it) How long has it been this way? This shop is closed, didn't you know?! But let me tell you...if I had been, Johnson & Johnson, the makers of my now ex contraceptive called Cilest, would have been in big trouble.  If I had been, you better believe I would have been singing to them ..."18 years, 18 years, She gat one of yo' kids, gat you for 18 years!". 

Don't ask me why I wasn't aware of the recall, but why did the pharmacy give it to me in June when it was recalled in May? Hmmmm....I have to look further into that. Noted.

If any of you are on this particular pill, and you didn't you do!

And of course, this brought on a set of new issues.  

Issue 1: When I told my husband, the first thing he uttered was "so what does that mean? I have to wait a month?"...bahahahaha...gatta love these men.  "Hold on...did you not hear what I said?  Are you not the least bit concerned that our lives could have been baby jacked again?!" 

Issue one prompted issue two

Issue 2:  I now have to find a new contraceptive as soon as possible. However I was informed that my doctor is off island on vacation.  Sighhhhhh....So we wait until he returns.  In the meantime, any suggestions from my fellow MWMs?

What's a girl to do?!....(in the background, I can feel the blank stare from my husband...jokes)

Hey, and please forgive me if this is too much information but I figured if I didn't know it was recalled someone else out there must not know either. Unless I am completely on my own about this, and if so, please discard this post...LOL...but hopefully you got a kick out of my story :)  

No more baby for me, Candilaria


Anonymous said...

lol - too funny.. Pregnant now, due soon- can't wait to tie everything..cant take the risk.242

Miss Worrell said...

Bahhahahaa too funny at the response from the pharmacist. I know we all should be educated on what we are taking but really? It expired in May!!

Good Luck on your search...

MWMs said...

Thank y'all for commenting! @ Anonymous, congrats and hope you have a smooth and safe delivery! Yes to tie, that is the key...LOL. @ Miss Worrell, girl I looked at that pharmacist like "you can't be serious"...hmmph!

Giavana Jones said...

that made my hands shake just thinking about it. lol. It could be because I'm 9 months pregnant (planned) and now discussing contraceptive options with hubby and doc. The idea of an unplanned pregnancy and then another baby, literally does make me shake. :)

MWMs said...

Giavanna, wouldn't it! I'm telling you my legs didn't feel like my own. Not cool! lol

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