Getting Ready For Christmas!!

December 1st is 4 days away! I can hardly believe it. Can you?!

Before I had my kids I sort of lost my excitement for Christmas, as most of us do. Now that I have children and they are at the age where they understand, their excitement awakens and ignites the feelings I once had as a child.

I will admit that I've been feeling a lot like Christmas for more than 2 weeks now. I've tried my darnedest to refrain from popping in the Christmas CD or breaking out the Christmas decorations. BUT NO MORE!

It is time! And I am READY!

I took the decorations out of storage and I plan on making it into an event to decorate the house (inside and outside) this coming weekend with the children. Even though if it were up to them they would have decorated 2 weeks ago! LOL

In our house, creating an advent calendar has become a festive tradition for counting down the days to Christmas. We love to make them and we enjoy the fun and anticipation it brings to the holidays. They are really a great way to bring the family together and to cherish every minute of the season. Some choose to fill their calendars with treats and/or tree decorations, but we like to fill ours with activities (and treats and decorations!).  What kinds of activities you ask?  Well here are some that we used last year and will more than likely recycle this year but modify them a bit:

1.   Tonight feels like a hot chocolate night!
2.   Bake cookies and give them to your neighbours
3.   Donate one or two toys to a child not as fortunate as you
4.   Go driving to see Christmas decorations/lights. (one of my favs!)
5.   Say 3 things you are thankful for
6.   Christmas Movie night and popcorn
7.   Go and pick out a Christmas tree
8.   Stay up 15 or 30 minutes passed your bedtime (this is a winner for the               kiddies!)
9.   Bake cupcakes or brownies
10. Decorate Christmas tree while listening to Christmas songs sipping on tea! 

You get the picture!  You don't have to do an activity every single day and if you're like me I avoid planning an activity on an evening I know we have something else going on.  Yes, it takes some planning!  The whole point is to engage the entire family and have fun with it!

So this year I've decided to make one that looks like this:

photo courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

This particular calendar is filled with treats, but I will definitely be mixing it up. As the countdown begins on December 1st, I have 3 days to gather the materials and execute the project!

So Stay tuned for when I reveal my version of this calendar! So super excited!

What traditions do you and your family have during the holidays? 

A Christmas lovin' Candilaria


Demetria Moss said...

What a great idea...just may do this!...we are putting the tree up a day after thanksgiving!! excited.
Currently changing curtains, cushions, rugs now along with dabbing paint here and there... (takin a 5)..we started baking cupcakes last year to gift to im excited to bake and wrap presents...just about everything excites me except the spending of money...ughhhh!!!!

MWMs said...

Hey Demetria! You should try it! if you do you have to share a picture of your finished product! :) Yes, oh the cleaning up of the house too. Cleaning the furniture, cushions, curtains, touch up painting, cleaning of windows...just giving the house an overhaul of freshness for the Holidays. Love it! Yeah, not looking forward to the spending of money tho!

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