Out Of The Mouths Of Babes...

As mothers we all know we have absolutely no privacy!  You try to sneak off to do some chore or activity and within minutes the little crumbsnatchers have found you and take over your life once again.

True Short Story...

Some time ago, as I was getting ready for work in MY bathroom located in MY bedroom both my children busted through the bathroom door with not so much as a knock.  Why you ask? Who knows!  Children just love being around their mothers I guess and it really doesn't matter where they are (I have to lock the door behind me because they just don't get it! LOL).

So putting on the kind of underwear that doesn't cover the buttocks, aka a thong, my daughter says to me, "Mummy why do your panties look like that?" In making that statement my 3 year old son is prompted to come over and investigate for himself.  He walks up to me, then walks around me, looks in the back and then looks up at me with a very concerned expression on his face and says...


Courtesy of salon.com

...blank stare....

All I could do was laugh! LOL

What have your children said to you that made you laugh? Or even shocked you? 

Happy Monday Ladies... :)

a broken underwear wearin', Candilaria


Miss Worrell said...

that is funny! Adaya hasnt gotten to that point as yet although she isnt that far away.

Giavana Jones said...

"broken panties" huh? LOL made my day!

MWMs said...

@ Miss Worrell, oh and when she does what a mouth full she will have! You will definitely have to share.
@ Giavana yup, they were broken, that's the only way my little tyke could express himself! LOL

Sandena Neely said...

Candi - I totally understand how you feel, I literally have to lock myself away from my crumbsnatchers. One day my 9 year old daughter said that she wants to be with me every minute of every day and she even told me and her Dad that she is never get married so that she can live with us for the rest of her life! SOOOOOO you know we had to have a come-to-Jesus meeting with her right. I had to hold her hand and tell her some truths.

And about the underwear, my daughter is at the stage where she actually wants to wear thongs now (blank stare) (another come-to-Jesus meeting coming soon) and my 2.7 year old son just sees that as a good opportunity to slap me on my butt, LOL!!!!

Kids - gatta love um!

MWMs said...

@ Sandena, what's up with the sons and the slapping on the butt! And oh wow, having the thong wearing convo already?! Um...no sweetie! nuh uh! Nope. I will admit, Asia asked me why do I wear those kinds of panties and I had to think before I answered. How would any of you answer that question if posed to you by your young daughter?

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