Help Me To Understand?

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This past weekend I went to a birthday party. It was not a child's party. The hours on the invitation clearly stated that the party was for a grown man. The hours for the party were 8 p.m.-1 a.m.

Can someone please help me to understand why there were children there? One child was young enough that the mother was cutting up the child's food to feed them.

This made me think of the movie Sweet Alabama where Reese Witherspoon's character says to her long time friend, "You have a a bar?" Like why do you have your child here of all places.

Bars are for adults!

I am forty years old. On a Friday night between the hours of 8 p.m. until 1 a.m. I believe I should be able to behave like a forty year old. I should not have to alter my behaviour at an adult venue because there are children present; one who happened to be my second grade student. 

I truly don't understand. 
Parenting 101 Lesson One states this.... Sometimes you gotta stay home! If you don't have a babysitter, sorry, you gotta miss this one. There will be more events for you to attend.

True story, back in 2011, Candi had a birthday party. Chase had just been born. He was not even two months yet. Man I wanted to go and so did Eric. I am not sure why we didn't hit up the grandparents to babysit maybe because I was still breastfeeding(hated that!), but whatever the case, because we both graduated from Parenting 101 after having Channing, I knew, 'Sometimes you gotta stay home!

This is what we did. We attended the party in shifts. I went for the first shift then Eric closed out the party. I did not want to leave but oh well, I am a parent. So I left. Candi and I live so close to one another that after Eric arrived I could hear him having a good time. Literally, I could hear the music and Eric hooting when a good song came on. I sat at home and listened. I had to miss out.

But, according to some women of today, that would have been ridiculous. "Chile pack up Chase and take him to the party in his car seat!" 

Not Tiffany Yvette Hall. Why? Because 'sometimes you gotta stay home'!

I have seen children at parties, at the movie theatre at a late night movie, hanging outside a bar, in a bar. I am sure you have seen them too.

No one told these mothers that 'sometimes you gotta stay home'!

I just need someone to help me to understand why this is the new trend? Why are women not willing to miss out on a good time for the sake of their children?


Never forget, when you bring your child to an adult event, they see adult things.

Don't mind the noise in da market, our kids can't handle adulthood. They are children. Keep them in child-friendly settings so they can be children and adults feel free to be adults!

Until I mash people's corns again!

P.S. And then ya'll complain that this generation of children act too grown or even worse, brag that they are so wise. Wise beyond their years! Not so much people...not so much!


Giavana Jones said...

virtual high five!!!!!

MWMs said...

Hi Giavana,

Thank you for your comment. I hope you and your family are well.

Based on my virtual high five, I should not expect to see you and baby girl(correct?) out at any parties this holiday season!

p.s. I checked out and exited it immediately. I have school fees to pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!