10 Tips To Make Your Whole30 Challenge A Success

Remember my post back in January about my fitness goals?  

Well I am in week 4, day 2 of my 8 week challenge and I am having an incredibly rough week with the nutrition aspect of it.  We are following the Whole30 regimen which is almost identical to the Paleo Diet minus a few things. While this regimen is suppose to be for 30 days only, the challenge I signed up for is like doing the Whole30 twice, back to back.  

I traveled to Florida for a couple of days last week.  Eating became an arduous task and the word insane does not begin to sum up the way I feel about this challenge.  Eating on the go is difficult, but it's even crazier when you are not prepared. Which I was not.

To keep myself motivated and for anyone else that is trying or have tried the Whole30, they will know exactly what I mean.  

Here are a few tips when committing yourself to the Whole30 challenge:

1.  Go ahead and admit how insane you are to take on such a challenge.  Yes, other people think you are crazy too!

2.  Never, and I mean never go on a trip while you are in the middle of said fitness challenge.  The temptation to go off your nutrition track is more than anyone can bear.

Scrambled eggs with Turkey Bacon,
a banana and cup of Green Tea
3.  It's important to try different recipes. You will get tired of eating the same thing over and over.  Right now I cannot even look at a stalk of broccoli!

4.  Drink Green Tea and Coconut water.  They are both a nice change from the constant water intake.

5.  Your clothes will become loose and people will comment how baggy your clothes look. But you will secretly love this because it means something is happening and other people notice.

6.  Stay Strong and surround yourself around strong people and people stronger than you.

7.  Always, always, always pack snacks.  Lifesavers I tell you, lifesavers.

8.  Prepare EVERYTHING the night before.  If you don't you will pay for it the next day.  Better yet, take a Sunday afternoon and prepare for the week.

9.  The people you are around daily will either get sick of you talking about what you can and cannot eat or be motivated by it. LOL. True Story.

10. Exercise!  Eating is 80% the process but exercising sure does help.  It helps with your overall goal and it makes you feel great!

Are you willing to take the challenge?

Keeping my head up, Candilaria

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