A friend of mine sent a link to me on Friday, click here to read.  I didn't read it when she sent it because I was driving and by the time I got home I had forgotten all about it.  This morning I remembered the message and opened it up and realized I was meant to read this today. Not Friday, and not Saturday but today.

It was such a great read that it inspired me to write my own Love Letter to all you tired Mamas.  I mean that in a good way! 

Today, I felt tired, just plain 'ole tired and the link lifted my spirits, so I say to you...

Dear Tired Married Working Mothers, 

I love that no matter how much you want a break from your children, the minute you are away from them all you can think about is them and how much you can't wait to see them again.

I love the fact that you feel perfectly fine when you are not around them because you know they are in good hands.

I love how you can wake up early in the morning and get yourself ready so that when the others wake you don't have to worry about yourself.

I love that even though you've made breakfast you still make something different for the child that doesn't eat what you've made.  You make it because you don't want to send them to school hungry.

I love how beautiful you look after a late night of working only to rise early in the morning for another day.

I love that you need to grab a glass of wine to calm down or for absolutely no reason at all.

I love how you can hear your child call you mummy 30 times in a row and it not affect you.

I love how you can hear your child call you mummy 30 times in a row and it drive you nuts.

I love that you try to be the loudest Mamma cheering your child on at Sports day and feeling super ecstatic when your baby wins.

I love that you know just which snacks and flavour juice each child likes and get a bit disappointed when you realize you put them in the wrong lunch bags.

I love that you forgot "wear your own clothes day" was scheduled on a different day than the day you sent your baby girl in her own clothes.  So she ended up having an awesome day spending it at her grandparents house instead.

I love that you can walk through the door at work and look around the office and say "I am not for this today!" and all the women around you understand just what you mean. **tomorrow is Monday!**

I love that you get frustrated by the incessant requests from your children but somehow you try to fulfill them all. I did say try. lol.  Some requests just aren't happening!

I love that you allow your child(ren) in your bed in the middle of the night knowing that it's the end of your good sleeping for the rest of the night.  

I love that you give them a chance to crack the eggs into the bowl for breakfast but more shell fell in the bowl than egg

I love that you break out the big iPad to record their performance at the School Play blocking the view for everyone behind you. But you don't care, your baby is on stage!

I love that you are always changing the decor of your child's room because you're never satisfied with the way it looks.

I love that you go without in order to provide for your babies

I love how excited you get when listening to your son's most outrageous ideas and adventures

I love that you show compassion even during your hard times.

I love that no matter how much you may complain about the daily grind you still do it and not because you have to.

I love that even though you can do things easier and quicker by yourself you let your child(ren) help you and end up having to clean up the messes that they make.

I love that you try to keep your cool when the above happens :)

I love that you are strong and weak at the same time and knowing that it's OK to be both

I love that you hold things down for everyone around you.

Married Working Mothers, continue on this wonderful roller coaster called Motherhood.  You are doing a great job even when you feel like you're not. Don't forget, we are all in this together!



Natasha Nixon said...

It's amazing how this letter couldn't have be delivered at a better time. I promised to take Raven to a church event tonight but I came down with a terrible headache and felt awful. I told her we couldn't go anymore. I saw the disappointment on her face si somehow I found the strength to fight that headache. Needless to say we had a awesome time. Even at the closing profomance she got on the stage and was dancing as if she was apart of the show. I thought to myself "this is what she would've missed" and I would've missed out on this awesome peice of chocolate cake I couldn't leave behind :)

Thank you for this love letter!!


MWMs said...

Indeed Natasha! We all needed to hear this. The original one evoked so many emotions in me that I knew more than me needed to hear all of these wonderful things. Have a very Happy and Positive Monday ladies!

Demetria Moss said...

Awesome Candilaria! Definitely encouragement for us!

MWMs said...

Demetria, we all need the encouragement! The struggle is real!