Since committing myself to the half marathon, I decided to take it a step further.  No no no, I'm not doing the full marathon! Have absolutely no desire to do that.  Plus my body cannot take that kind of beating!  I like my knees.

However, after months of boxing, strength training, and running, I quite enjoyed the way I was feeling.  I felt healthy.  I felt strong.  

So before I ran the half marathon in January I decided to give myself mini goals through-out 2014.  I will share with them with you and hope that I can inspire some of you to take the challenge of becoming healthier and stronger.

For my second goal (the half marathon was my first), I joined our local Crossfit joint, called Da Box in January with trainer Charles Johnson.

Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program created by Greg Classman in 2000 with the aim of improving, among other things, muscular strength, cardio-respiratory endurance, and flexibility.  It advocates a perpetually changing mix of aerobic exercise, gymnastics (body weight exercises), and Olympic weight lifting.

In my opinion, it's not something you would start straight out of the blocks, especially if you haven't been active in a very long time.  But that's just my opinion.  I have seen many women who started at this level and have hung in there and are doing great!  So if you are feeling like doing it, just do it!  My months of doing other activities, however, prepared me quite nicely to begin Crossfit at a level that the exercises weren't a complete shock to my system. The exercises are hella hard nonetheless but completely rewarding! And can I tell you how great I feel after a session!

Da Box began an 8 week challenge, called The ONE on February 3!  This is my third goal.  The challenge is a combination of clean eating, performance progress and tracking your entire experience over the course of the 8 weeks.

For an example of clean eating, take a look at my breakfast this morning...

2 scrambled eggs (depends on your caloric intake you can have more or less), sweet potatoes with spinach, onions and green peppers with a side of half a grapefruit. It was actually pretty darn good!

This goal then leads into my fourth goal which is to register for the Spartan Race in April.  Yeah I know, I've lost my mind! LOL.  After that goal, it's Summer time and we all know what that means!  Goal #5 is Beach body!  Goal #6 is to run the 10K in November.  And my friends that should take care of my fitness for the year!

Having mini goals throughout the year makes it easier for you to stay consistent.  It's easy to fall off on your fitness regimen but if you are working towards something it gives you a sense of accountability.

So consider giving yourself goals throughout the year and hold yourself accountable.  Grab a partner, it's easier that way.  Stay committed.  Accept the fact that it isn't going to be easy and be comforted in knowing that you are taking active steps towards becoming a stronger you!

What will you do?

A stronger Candilaria


Morgan Fraser said...

Great blog post... i love the idea of mini goals throughout the year..and how yours are so specific! definitely inspiring me; need to write some down now :)

MWMs said...

YAY! Thanks Morgan! The more specific the better. It allows you to have a very clear idea of what to do and how to do it. Write those goals down!

Leslyn Bethel said...

I must say Candilaria I rarely read blogs, but what I read just now made a lot of sense to me. Great Post and now I am inspired. Cheers to the strong hardworking mothers!

MWMs said...

Aww, thank you Leslyn! I hope that you will be visiting us some more :) :) I appreciate your comments as that's what keeps us going! Cheers to you, you hardworking mamma!

Demetria Moss said...

I guess I needed this especially, I'm feeling a bit discouraged, It feels like the more I want to improve my eating habits and weight the more I want to eat, well snack, cause im a snacker which is a problem....Im the heaviest I've ever been and my body is still not use to this weight, which I guess is a good thing that its not adjusting. Enough of the rambles, I'm inspired and I will continue to try, starting off with mini goals!

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