GUEST BLOGGER! It's Okay 2014

1. It's okay to be a Guest Blogger because you haven't blogged since like 
2. It's okay to never feel like you have everything     
   under control.
3. It's okay to have a beautiful pink costume even though you are a Delta!

One Family Boxing Day Parade2013
My Flamingo Costume
4. It's okay to not be physically able to keep a pair of white pants clean no 
    matter how you try.
5. It's okay to spend $15.00 on your lunch for one day and then tell your 
    daughter that "No, she can't have ice-cream because you don't have any         money!"
6. It's okay to want your daughter to remain in the 'Tots Class' at ballet 
    because in her new class they need tap shoes and you hated tap when you
    were a child and you don't have any money to buy tap shoes because you 
    had a $15 meal for lunch.
7. It's okay to realize another woman loves your son.
8. It's okay to cry when that woman has to leave to return home and you 
    know that everyone and everything will miss her including your bathtub!
9. It's okay to hate cleaning bathrooms.... okay kitchens, bedrooms, toy 
    rooms. You get the picture.
10. It's okay to love who are at 41!
11. It's okay to have every intention of having a romantic night with hubby 
     but the kids interrupt and you fall asleep to experience the best sleep 
12. It's okay to not be friends with some of your colleagues but tight as 
     thieves with others!
13. It's okay for your daughter to appoint a new Godmother because she 
     can recognize good character in a woman! 
14. It's okay to want an I-Phone, get an I-Phone, think these phones are 
     going to take over the world but still get totally attached to it...Thank 
     you Santa! 

Me showing all of my teeth!

Finally blogging again,


Demetria Moss said...

lol...Welcome back 'Guest Blogger' A.K.A Tiffany! some of these Its ok confessions especially because this is what I say to myself daily :) ....will be Guest Blogging soon!

Sandena Neely said...

Welcome back Tiff!

Ya know what I've wanted to tell you since FOREVER...I love how you always seem to reinvent your hair, and put it in different styles,even loose cornrows. I am just totally in love with that concept. It seems very brave to me, brave because I am so 'unbrave' with my hair, one day I will be able to say it is 'okay' for me to do different things with my hair, but for now, I'm too afraid to change the style for fear that it might not look good and then I won't be able to get it back to the way it was before...I know I'm rambling but you get the point LOL!!!

MWMs said...

Hello Demetria,
Thank you for the welcome back. I look forward to your guest blog.

MWMs said...

Hello Sandena,

Thank you for your comment. It is okay to experiment with your hair. Thank you for the compliment. I love the cornrow look. Whenever you see my hair twisted, trust and believe my hair needs a wash or some lye!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natasha Nixon said...

Ahhhhhhh!!! Santa has been good to you!! I see you got your dream phone!! Well deserving too!! Please don't get addicted to it like me :) love the hair btw

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