D.I.Y. MAMA – At least I am morphing into one!

It's 2014, the year my PINTERST obsession has materialized into my everyday life. All of a sudden,I am obsessed with D.I.Y.! "You mean to tell me I didn’t have to throw that old dresser away?"

 Arghhhh ….

It is February and I have already completed two small D.I.Y. projects for the year. Woot Woot! They were really easy and saved some pennies for the savings jar. Let’s face it, VAT is coming, we can all do some projects that will give us a different look in our homes and keep a few dollars in our pockets.

Listed below are the two projects I successfully tackled, and some projects I am going to be working on in the upcoming weeks!

D.I.Y. Febreze 

Look, Febreze is expensive! Here is a D.I.Y. Febreze recipe I found. It works wonderfully. 

Homemade Febreze 

1/8 Cup of fabric softener (like Downy April Fresh),
2 tablespoons baking soda (for neutralizing odors) 
Hot tap water  
Vinegar (for its antibacterial properties) 

Combine all in a bottle, (use an empty 27 oz. Febreze bottle or an empty Starch spray bottle). Shake well! 

Easy Right?

I used this to spray our mattresses, pillows, couches, etc…..


D.I.Y. Bar Stools

My next project was saving the bar stools I was about to throw away. Can you say "Good Save"! If you have any old bar stools that look a hot mess, this is for you!

Re-upholster Bar Stools

Upholstery Fabric (I spent $17.00 at Commonwealth Fabrics) 
Staple Gun 
Backing paper (optional)
Spray paint (optional)

Take off the backing material underneath the bar stool. Place the seat on the fabric. Cut around the seat making sure you have enough excess fabric to staple to the back of the seat. Staple, staple and staple away. Staple the backing material back onto the seat to hide the stapled fabric.

I bought black spray paint from Kelly's for $9.00 to spray the chair over, but I’ll wait until I am over my flu to do that.

Here is a before and after picture.


My other D.I.Y projects are exciting, they include but are not limited to;


1. Making a Lavender Coconut Oil Salt Scrub for my Book Club's March Birthday Girls. I personally can’t wait to use this!

2. My baby is turning one in March, so after days of searching PINTEREST for Mickey  Mouse Clubhouse ideas, I will be making the Mickey Mouse ears, decorations, cupcakes, etc. The work entailed is crazy but it’s going to be sooo worth it, and it's going to save me some money along the way!

3. Making some Lace-lined Short Pants from some long pants I don’t care to 
wear any longer.

4. Making Cupcake Bouquets for gifts….sigh……the list goes on and on and on!

5. I am getting a sewing machine in order to sew my own clothing. Yahooo! 

This year is definitely going to be an exciting year on the D.I.Y. front. Ladies, what are you making at home?

Written By
Demetria Cox-Moss

I'm a thirty-something year old wife and mother of two beautiful boys. I've worked in the Offshore world for almost twelve years. A novice to D.I.Y but a passionate one nonetheless. A lover of books, learning, all things Girly.... and most importantly a lover of life and second chances.


Miss Worrell said...

Girrrllll! This DIY Febreeze is soooooo going to happen tonight. I hate any odd smell and I spraying (wasting) Febreeze and and air fresheners all the time.This will definitely save me some money.

I love the stools... too cute!

xoxo, ANni

LaRosa Chartese said...

great proud of my bestie!!!!

Demetria Moss said...

Anni - Yayyy to saving money girl, let me know how the febreze worked for you!

Rosa - Thanks hun!