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In a blog meeting of ours the other day, Tiffany and I thought it would be a great idea to begin Guest Blogging!

We want to be able to give our readers an opportunity to showcase their stories and information they may wish to share. 

We do have a few guidelines for you to think about when you're "blogsitting" (get it...not babysitting, but blogsitting our blog! :)

Here are the guidelines for Blogsitting:

1.  Submit your topic or idea to
     Once your topic has been approved you can write your post.  You 
     will be given a deadline in which the post should be e-mailed to us.
     We will require that your post be sent as an attachment

2.  Your post must be based around the topics of our blog.

3.  Your post must be original content.  We are required to check for

4.  Once the post has been posted on our blog, you must not publish the 
     content anywhere else on the internet.

5.  You are welcome to link your post back to your website, Facebook 
     profile/page and/or Twitter.

6.  Pictures are great!  Use them :)

7.  We will edit your post for grammatical errors and facts and make any 
     changes if necessary.  We will send you the complete text of the post 
     to you before it is published for your final review.

8.  We reserve the right to not publish a post it we do not feel the quality is 
     of the standard we have provided on the blog.

We are really excited about sharing your stories!

MWMs Management

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