Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice heralds the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. This year 2013, the solstice falls today on Friday, June 21st at 5:04 pm.

Today is the first day of summer.

With that said, "Let's Celebrate!"

One way to revel in the first day of the season is with a soothing summer cocktail.

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Below is a link. It is a Martha Stewart link. 

"Cocktails range from classic to eclectic, there are libations for every taste, occasion, and season."

Cocktail Categories

  1. Spring Cocktails
  2. Rum Cocktails
  3. Tequila Cocktails
  4. Gin Cocktails
  5. Whiskey Cocktails
  6. Classic Cocktails
  7. Vodka Cocktails
  8. Sparkling Cocktails
  9. Brunch Cocktails
  10. Happy Hour Cocktails
  11. Signature Cocktails
  12. Non-Alcoholic Cocktails
  13. Tropical Cocktails
  14. Summer Cocktails
  15. Winter Cocktails   
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On behalf of Married Working Mothers, I wish all of you a great summer. Today is Friday, Summer Solstice, browse the link mentioned above and enjoy the long days of summer!

Until I blog again,

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