Married Working Mothers (MWMs) would like to celebrate ALL the great fathers out there.  The first time fathers, the veteran fathers, the soon-to-be fathers, and to the mothers who are fathers as well!

Thank you for being our Knights in shining Armour, protecting us day in and day out, our heroes!  It isn't easy doing the job you do.  Constantly worrying if your family is OK and happy, making sure they are provided with everything they need, and always putting their needs (and sometimes even their wants) before yours.  Your sacrifices and your efforts have not gone unnoticed and we appreciate everything you do!  

We will continue to pray for ALL fathers out there and uplift you every chance we get. In the words of my daughter, Asia Thompson, "Mothers and children would never let anything happen to you, you are safe."

May your heart be content and surrounded by those you love and those who love you!

We Love you and God Bless you! 

picture courtesy of http://www.hccbillings.org/2012/06/17/happy-fathers-day/

MWMs Management


MWMs said...

Just want to say, good job on the Blog. Very thoughtful and considerate.


MWMs said...

Hello Geneva!
Your comments are always much appreciated. I am over the moon that you support our blog they way you do. You are something awesome!


MWMs said...

Thank for the comment Candy. I am just so proud of you and Tiffany. Proud that you know how to spell, have good communication skills and most of all your honesty in writing the blog.

I truly believe that there are persons out there who will benefit from the blog, even if it is just a smile to their faces.

I also believe that the blog creates lot of conversation between those who are too shy to write or cannot find time to write. They cannot find time to write because they are TIRED MARRIED WORKING MOTHERS, who may not have husbands that help with the children at night, like you two lucky gals. lol,


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