Today is Aindreas' 3rd birthday, and although the weather is not the best we are enjoying it indoors.  I made his favorite breakfast, bought his favorite candy, he received a gift from mummy and daddy and to top it all off his big sister baked funfetti cupcakes. With the big number 3 candle placed on top of his very own cupcake and ice cream, can I say he is more than a happy camper and it's only midday!  He has the rest of the day to continue feeling like he's the centre of the universe!  

In my post on Wednesday, I described how torn I was about cutting his hair, and even though I made the appointment I figured I still had up until that time to decide.  Hence the reason why a decision was not made at the end of the post.  The appointment was at 4:00 p.m. and believe it or not we sat in the salon for more than an hour until finally we decided.

We cut it. We felt it was time and we couldn't be more happy about our choice.

Here is my handsome baby boy as he celebrates his 3rd birthday with his brand hew haircut...


We Love you very much!!
Love the entire family

How do you celebrate your child's birthday? Do you have any traditions for family birthdays? 

a very happy Momma (Candilaria)


Kesh said...

Happy birthday Aindreas!! Wow, 3 years already...enjoy your day lil handsome.

MWMs said...

Kesh, you see that! 3 already! Time certainly flies. Your Dylan soon reach there too! hehe.

elethera curry said...

Happy Birthday! to my cutie pie little cousin Aindreas!

I am so proud of you Missy because as bad as Elijah hair looking I don't wan to let go, but you inspired me.

Pray you guys are well and BIG UPS to you for being one of the WORLD'S GREATEST MOMS!


Giavana Jones said...

Awww happy birthday handsome!

MWMs said...

Thank you Giavana!

MWMs said...

So very handsome!

MWMs said...

Thank you Tiff!