This past Tuesday, we invited fellow MWMs to join us at Luciano's Of Chicago.  Even if it was for a quick "hello" or to join us for a drink...or two.  Elizabeth (you remember her from her guest blog about how to make a tufted bench last week) and Amelia, our graphic designer (who is incredibly talented and awesome!) hung out with us for the entire time!  We had drinks, ordered dinner and just had us a good 'ole time.  

May I just say, that we were all home by 8:30p.m. or was it 9:30p.m? Nonetheless, not bad, eh?!  We encourage you to come out next week!  Mark it on your calendars!  

Sandena mentioned in her guest post on Wednesday "My Staycation", that often we neglect ourselves to cater to everyone else around us.  Doing this all the time soon leaves us being no good to ourselves or the ones we love!  You must create time for yourself!  So, if you don't have any other day to unwind, come out on Tuesdays after work and meet women who know exactly what you're going through.  And if there are any husbands reading this post, I promise you, we will send home a much happier wife and in turn you will be a much happier husband. (wink wink) LOL

I was tempted to delete some of the following pictures (the ones where I look a hot mess) but then I thought I would do no such thing.  The pictures below depict the wonderful and energetic evening we had with the girls! Even the fugly ones...hehe

See all the paperwork!  Tiffany and I working hard at our blog meeting! :)

In deep conversation

Amelia, of AJDesigns, our graphic designer

The best bartender at Luciano's, Jerry!  Takes care of us all the time!

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This is the picture you ALWAYS try to avoid!

I think that look is for hubby Eric

Tiffany working hard


Tiffany, friends don't let friends take pictures with hair like this! Noted!

Wine makes everything better

Hey there Meeli J

your fellow MWMs


Keshala said...

Looks like a good time! I will make it out soon :-)

MWMs said...

We certainly did! And make sure you schedule some time in the near future after baby # 2 comes :) You'll need it for sure. LOL

Miss Worrell said...

Clearly you guys had a blast.. hope to join on the next event!

MWMs said...

Hope you can join us! It would be great to meet you!!