MARRIAGE: Six Words!

This past Sunday Father Bartlett's sermon had special emphasis on praying for others. We should pray for one another.

This past Sunday I came home from church. Eric changed his clothes and invited me to bring the kids to watch his team play flag football.

I declined!

It was hot. I was tired, Channing and Chase were annoying and this man was about to leave to watch football!

A fire ignited! 

How the h-e-double hockey sticks did he figure he should go watch football when there are a million things around the house that need to be done.

Why am I the only person that knows about these chores?

I was livid. Livid because I have been asking this man to finish these things for like forever. Some of these things since oh let's say March!!!!!


Thank goodness it was Sunday. Thank goodness I went to church. Lord help him if I had not. Ohhhhh the words I had for him. If I opened my mouth it wasn't going to be pretty.

Why can't men finish what they start?
Why do I have to tell you to move the tool kit out of our bedroom?
Close the drawer properly so your clothes don't hang outside the stupid drawer!
Turn off the light after you come out of a room!

I can go on and on and on.

But on Sunday I did not go on and on. I got a piece of paper and made a list. 

On Sunday I prayed. I wrote my prayer and stuck it on the refrigerator! Yes I did I put that bad boy on the fridge for all and sundry to see, the housekeeper and my brother who happened to be visiting.

I needed to send a message.

The message for Eric was, "You have frustrated me so much that I have to go God for you! I don't know who or what else to do! This is the last straw!"


What if that is all wrong? What if I was ending where I should begin?

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Have you seen this book before? If yes, do you own it? If yes, do you know where it is? If yes, go get now!

If you haven't seen this book before, let me  give you a brief synopsis. This book is about praying for your husband. The author has one belief. She believes that there are some topics that a wife should pray to God about and not take to her husband.

Inside this book there are prayers for your husband's health, his fears, his finances, his career....


Because when we talk to our husbands about some things we come across as nagging and/ or being bossy. Some topics are too touchy. There are some topics that men find it hard to discuss.

Let God handle it! Too simple to be true right?

Well, I will tell you this.... and these words are for my fellow believers of Jesus Christ, if you could call one person and vent, wouldn't it be awesome to vent and complain to God. 

God truly has the power to affect change! 

I believe that to be true. Not only that, after talking to God, he makes you feel you some peace of mind.

I'm not telling you what I heard....I am telling you what I know! 
What I Tiffany Hall believes!

And so...

I confess I have not been praying for Eric as I should. As his helpmeet, praying is how I should help. On Sunday I prayed for Eric out of anger. Today I will start praying for my husband from a place of love.

My fellow  believers...join me! 

Let's pray for our men. 

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Every time a negative thought comes to your mind, say a prayer. "Lord, I pray for my husband." Start with those six words.

Six words.
Six little words.
Six meaningful words.
Six powerful words.
Six words that will bring change.
Six words that will give you peace.

Let's try it.... nagging is simply not working!

And by the way, the list is still on the refrigerator. And no, Eric has still not completed any of the tasks yet...

Until I pray again,


MWMs said...

TIFFANY! I know I feel your pain. I have lists on lists! I've had lists for almost 5 years! I love this post. Instead of nagging or trying to negotiate with our husbands, let's pray for them, take it to God! I will say that some of the items have been and are being ticked off one at a time. Maybe not in the time I would like but hey something is happening.

MWMs said...

Thank you Candi! At least it isn't just me that is so frustrated. Today is Saturday. Let's see if anything gets completed. SIGH!!!!!!!!!
Happy praying!

MWMs said...

Just wanted you to know that your recent blog really had me LAUGHING OUT LOUD, AS A MATTER OF FACT, REALLY LOUD. Chile, continue praying for your husband and I will pray for you that you get your prayers answered. (for chores - good luck) lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

MWMs said...

I am glad I provided you with a good laugh. Thank you for your prayers. You and I both know these prayers are needed.
Love Tiffany

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I can identify 200%.

Newbie said...

After reading this post, there are 2 things that came to mind:

1. YESSSSSSS - it's not only me!

2. LMBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - this is sooo true!

By the way, I LOVE that book! I actually purchase that book every few months to give to my friends.

MWMs said...

Thank you for your comment. We do not know one another, but we clearly experience some of the same things. Be encouraged! You are not alone!


MWMs said...


I happy you are LYBO! (Laughing your butt off!) We have to laugh at our stories of marriage and parenting. It is way too overwhelming to take it seriously all the time.


P.S. As of today, only one thing has been checked off on my list of chores for my husband!