So I'm on my way to wax my legs....


Why do we have to endure such rituals!  (Unless you are one of those lucky women that don't have to deal with it!).  It really is another chore for most women. I don't like shaving, 1. Because I would have to do it too often and 2.  I like areas to be extra smoooooth.

On days like these, I have a mind to walk around with hairy legs just to avoid the pain of waxing. And if I catch someone taking a disgusted glimpse at my gorilla looking legs, I would say "Yeah, that's right...they are hairy, but I don't care!  This is me. What you ga say about it?" hee hee.  Yea right!

Waxing the legs aren't as bad as getting a Brazilian.  **blank stare**  The first time I scheduled myself for one of those I think I left my vagina at the spa. **another blank stare** Told the lady I would pick it up later!  Talk about OUCHY!! I KNOW y'all know what I mean!  And I still kept going back.  I am convinced that we enjoy torture.

I prefer the method of laser hair removal, however, I simply cannot afford to have ALL the areas done.  I save laser for the more important parts and so I must endure the pain of waxing the legs for now.  Laser hair removal provides the smoothest and longest lasting experience compared to any other method.  It is the absolute best.  Slap some numbing cream on the area and after an hour they go to town. For the most part it is painless and quick.  You can't beat that!


How do you do hair removal? Have you ever had laser hair removal done? Which would you prefer?

Maybe I will treat myself to a pedicure for putting myself through this agony. 

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Bianca Carter said...

Maybe we should think about doing MOVEMBER for ladies? Just saying! LOL

MWMs said...

That's what I'm talking about Bianca! LOL. I say we do it! Come up with a catchy name and a month and say to hell with it!

Emily Ross said...

I never tried waxing, yet my friend told me that it was a painful experience. I'll be having my first hair removal on my legs next week, but I'll be taking a laser treatment. Hmm. I do hope you'll get enough funds to take laser removal too. You can look for reliable practitioners who can give you affordable treatments. :)

Emily Ross @

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