Marriage: I Picked Well!

Eric and I 

It's Thursday morning, December 19th, 2013 and with all certainty I can say that I picked well.

Eric has and continues to be the best teammate I could ever ask for.

His shoulders are wide, his grip is secure, his feet are planted and his heart is in our marriage.

I know I am a piece of work at times...once a month for sure but somehow this man is there for me...Tiffany.

Did I see his honour when we were dating? Yes!
Did I feel his loyalty to our relationship? Yes I did!
Did I believe his character was authentic? Absolutely!

I married Eric because life is hard, the struggle is real, but he is the best man I know. I will walk with him. I will run with him. I will pant with him. I will celebrate with him. I may pout, complain, moan and whine while I do but I still choose Eric.

Yes there are moments where the single life is tempting, but this man, what he adds to my life is so much more.

This morning while internet surfing, I glanced upon this link on the Msn Homepage. As I read it, I realized that I need to do more in my marriage. I need to be to Eric what Eric is to me. I want him to feel as he makes me feel.

Click on the link. It's an easy read. It won't take you more than seven minutes. Maybe this will inspire you too!

Until I blog again,

The 10 habits that keep marriages strong

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Sandena Neely said...

This was a really good article Tiff and I'm on your bandwagon...I know there are things that I can do different or better in my marriage and I'm not waiting for 2014, I'm already doing said things like NOW!

Happy Holidays to all MWMs!!!

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