Post Christmas Post...

Happy Holidays!

I thoroughly enjoyed being home, off from my other full-time job, for Christmas and Boxing day.  But let me tell ya, after those two days, Friday December 27th couldn't come quick enough.  Yes, I went back to work. I had to come up for a breather. LOL. 

BUT I already miss it...

We cooked. We laughed. We yelled. We watched movies. We drank hot chocolate/tea. We bickered. We sang. We danced. We created a mess. We were lazy. We made our living room into a Winter in Wonderland (which the kids are still living in by the way. They can't seem to leave). We went to the Carnival. Celebrated my Birthday. We drove around to see Christmas lights. And we visited family...  

Overall, we had a blast.

Asia and Aindreas at the Carnival

Our beautiful Christmas tree that the kids decorated.

The night before, baking cookies for Santa, maybe?

Christmas Morning

Hey Aindreas, that present is bigger than you!

They didn't peek, but they certainly tortured the poor gifts

Someone is happy about the gift she is opening

Birthday Breakfast Brunch (December 22)

How was your Christmas? And what did you do?

Can't believe my most favorite time of the year is just about over, Candilaria

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