Is Anyone Else Tired?

Channing's List

This past weekend I had every intention to blog. I had so many ideas about what I could write a post about after watching Scandal and The Best Man Holiday.

Saturday came and went.
Sunday came and went.

Yesterday was Monday. Back at work I just knew I could muster my creative juices to produce a post. Never happened. I worked all day at work. Imagine that!

Gotta write on Monday night. Easy. I have the ideas, just need to get to the computer.

Never happened!

Instead, Channing wanted to write another Santa List. I could not tell my four year old 'no' so I assisted her in creating this list. 

Great! but what about my post? 

I am full of ideas but empty of energy!

Until I get some energy,

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Giavana Jones said...

Ironically, my blog post for this week (posted on Monday), starts with "I'm tired y'all".
I definitely feel you, although mine surpasses physical fatigue and includes emotional and mental. I've been trying to rest and rejuve (my new fave word) these past few days. Get your rest mommy Tif!