Just Go Pee Already...

Pure Randomness...

My 3 year old insists on holding in his tinkle until it becomes so urgent that he starts dancing and prancing his backside around the house screaming and crying with a terrified expression on his face because he's about to let it rip.  

Dude, just go pee! 

Why is that so hard?! He will find everything else to do and will straight up ignore my yelling at him to go and relieve himself.  I asked the 6 year old to please go and turn the light on for him (assuming he isn't going because it's dark) and all I received was a lecture with whining and crying about how she is "always the one to help him." blah blah blah blah...Oh, give me a break!  Go and turn the light on so the boy can pee!!!  Let's not go down the list of things I have to do for YOU!

My kids wake up every morning with this very same plot....I'm telling you this is true...

I'm not into cleaning up a 3 year old's tinkle, Candilaria  :)

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