It's 4:41pm on a Monday afternoon. I am tired. I have about an hour or so before my husband gets home. About an hour or so after that after the kids have been put to bed at some point I will be a wife. My husband will give me a certain look or a certain touch, or he will close our bedroom door to signify his desire...his desire to have sex.

Yes I am going to talk about this...the big three letter word...SEX!

Is quantity better than quality? 
Is it better to have lots of average sex or better to have less but off-da-chain-sex?
Is it better to have lots of sex or make love every so often?

Here is why I ask.

I don't know about the rest of you but I am tired. I would love to welcome my husband home wearing nothing else but these...

instead of these...

but tonight that's all I want to put on my feet. I have been in heels all day! I tired man!

Believe it or not, I never, okay my husband reads this blog so let me be honest, I rarely say no to sex. Me? Say no? Hell no? I am a wife for goodness sake. I will get in his desired position and do my endeavor best to please him and bless his heart he is satisfied but that's just it I know he is satisfied but not fulfilled.

Why is he satisfied but not fulfilled... because I really go through the motions, easily three times a week. Every now again I make a noise but I am not as I was before children! There I said it, and I know I am not the only one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hence I ask...is it better that he gets lots of sex, ordinary, hurry-up-already sex or should I be holding back and gear up for some hanging-off-the-chandelier-sex?

Is anyone having hanging from a chandelier sex? I mean really? Who does this? Wouldn't you fall? Or break something you spent plenty money on? Okay sorry focus Tiffany!!!!!

So yes, I want to be spontaneous and luxurious. Honestly I do, but HELLOOOOOOO, I WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe if I was a work-at-home-take-a-nap-whenever-I-want wife or a stay- at-home wife I could be energized to be a sex goddess but I ain't gat it tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Instead of looking like this tonight..."Oh I love you, I am so ready to please you especially because this drink is so good. I am primed and ready!"

I feel like...

"Just pretend sleep Tiff and he will take pity and let you rest!" Ladies it is what it is. 

The problem is though, there are many women out there who are ready for whatever! There is a nineteen, twenty year old girl right now who doesn't know it, but she will attract the attention of my husband during his mid life crisis. I need to start preparing for that phase of marriage. I have heard enough stories of husbands who leave wives for women way younger than their wives. 


That means I need to put on those same high heeled shoes I posted above and shake it like a salt shaker.

Jesus Lord, where am I going to get that energy from?????

Until I blog again,

P.S. I gotta go with what I got, I am going to kill him with quantity and purposefully throw in a lap dance or striptease once a month! Jokes! If I don't do it, somebody will!


Kaylus Horton-Adams said...

As the word on the street says .. "the struggle is real"

Oh joy!

Thank you for sharing.

Natasha Nixon said...

Just looking at the pictures without reading I was already chuckling.

Tiffany you're soo right, hit the home run with this one. This is why God made us...resilient! It's Monday (I hate Mondays) exams times, and hubby is working the night shift. When he gets home at whatever time the slave drivers decides to send him home... I have to fulfill my wife duties or else need I say more?!?!

MWMs said...

Good morning Kaylus,

Thank you for your comment.

Yes maam, the struggle is real and the battle is on. As wives, let's agree to fight to keep our husbands right after a good nap!


MWMs said...

Good morning Natasha,

Thank you for your comment. I hope you were the best wife ever last night!

After I wrote the post, I went to the gym to muster up some energy. I had just enough before I put on my warm orange cozy socks!


Anonymous said...

This article is so good that I had to let one of my single friends read this as she is so under the impression that marriage is all swinging from the chandelier sex. It is hard to articulate to her that marriage and kids is liking having two other full times job and the energy for hot sex is not always there as it is on TV.

Anonymous said...

PS. I am all for quality over quantity - same position I take with with my shoes and handbags

MWMs said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you for your comment.

Isn't it amazing how single people believe they know our lives. Don't get me wrong I love my husband and being married to him, it's just that marriage and CHILDREN and working is tiring! Unfortunately, something suffers....most times it's the marriage.


MWMs said...



I love it! Bags and shoes have to be about quality!