It seems as if I've "pushed [a few] buttons" with my last post.

Yes, there were some comments that I deleted from our blog that I felt were unnecessary and didn't see them having a place on the blog.

Listen, I'm fine with your criticism, I am fine with the negative backlash, and I am fine with whatever opinions you may have because they are just that, yours.   

In response to one of the comments, which a portion of it said "being black we need to support our own people.  We would support the other big boys but want to down Tyler Perry."

Firstly, of course I believe in supporting and encouraging our black people, especially when they are trailblazing through an arena that is filled with predominantly Caucasian counterparts.  But does this mean that we cannot criticize them AT ALL?  Why do we have to take it easy on "our black people"?  Because they are black?  I don't believe in that.  I don't see white people talking about they need to stick together as a white community (well unless they are wearing the white cone...insert face covering eyes here).  Black people hear that now and they will start a riot.  It's not fair and in my opinion it's not right, no matter who does it really.   

Secondly, I don't support people solely because the colour of their skin is the same as mine.  I treat everyone the same, White, Black, Hispanic, or Asian.   I wonder if this is how we promote mediocrity in our black communities though.  Even when a black person does something that is less than mediocre, knowing the level in which they can perform, we give them an A+ anyway? Just because they are black? Hmmmm...

Look, I fell in love with Tyler Perry when he first started his live plays more than 10 years ago.  He has produced wonderful pieces of work (two of which I mentioned in my last post) and I will continue to give him credit where credit is due. Hey, maybe I was too hard on TP with regards to Temptation, but I wrote about how I felt about the movie versus my expectations of it.

You know, it's funny that this person made that comment.  It made me think about the dynamics of our black community.  We have no problems supporting and encouraging our black people when they are in high places, or when they are doing extremely well for themselves, but we can't seem to give that same support to our black people when they are at their lowest, no matter how they got there.  We constantly judge people without knowing what battle they are fighting.  We keep them down with comments like, the one the other day with the older ladies after we watched the movie, "stupid little girl".  Nope, we can't do that.  We cannot support and encourage the "stupid little girl". Nothing is never not forgiven, right?

Me personally, I will be the first to tell you that I've been through a hell of a lot.  I've made mistakes and you better believe I've taken my "cut ass" to go with it.  I've been to the bottom.  Shoot, I can actually tell you what the bottom tastes like.  But guess what?  I am here and I am so much stronger for it.  I didn't start this blog because I think I know everything.  Nope.  Because I don't.  I'm here to learn and to be open.  I didn't start this blog because I am perfect.  Nope.  Because I am not.  I am flawed.  But I did start this blog because as clueless as I may be on some topics and as imperfect as I am, I feel with everything I have been through I can contribute something!  Yes, maybe even help someone. I wanted to create something positive for our women (Black, White, Hispanic, and Asian) to become a part of.  To create a place where we all can laugh, cry, and share. To create a place for women to feel comfortable coming to.

Your negative comments will not scare me away.  So, yes, Mrs. Anonymous, I can probably write "a script or two".  But if you are going to be a part of this group let's be supportive and encouraging to one another, just like you said.

an encouraging and supportive, Candilaria 


Anonymous said...

**Smiles** I really do appreciate your response. As far as my previously deleted posts are concerned they were all very relative… maybe a bit embarrassing but true. I totally understand why they were deleted though. Most people are uncomfortable with their skeletons being exposed. And to be very honest, my opinion is more like a general consensus. Our little country is very small but the world is even smaller thanks to technology. With that said, you should know that our reputation precedes us. As far as Tyler Perry is concerned, I guess we both have to agree to disagree on that one. More importantly the point of that movie was that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Hopefully that wasn’t lost in the midst of all your criticism and disdain for his execution.   I don’t recall accusing anyone of being perfect. I live in the real world and I am painfully aware of the fact that some of us are morally deficient (some more than others).  Has anyone ever read about the Jezebel? If you haven’t you should. The comparison of characteristics are uncanny. But hey, I guess if you “mess up and fess up” when you get caught it’s okay. But you are right “Nothing is never Not forgiven.” People forgive and we move on. Unfortunately for you they just never forget. Subsequently, I love the fact that this site is a support system for us Married Working Mothers because Lord knows we need it!

MWMs said...

Thank you for your comment.

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