MARRIAGE: Ten Things To Do On Date Night

I don't about all of you but I am deeply entrenched in the Cooperation Stage of Marriage.

As a reminder, the Cooperation Stage is the stage where marriage takes on a business-like personality. All of the love and emotion is set aside: There are mortgages to be paid, investments to be handled, careers to be directed, health to be managed, and – first and foremost – children to be raised.

Check out the link below for a slideshow about The Stages Of Marriage

With that said I want to have some fun with my husband. As tempted as I may be, tempted to check into Atlantis and run away from everything, no temptations to have an affair, unless I can have an affair with a man named Eric Nathan Hall (yes an affair with my husband would be perfect), I need to figure out ways to enjoy the Cooperation Stage until my two crumb-snatchers grow up!

Hence I thought let's have some dialogue on where to go. Honestly, I need your help readers. I know many of you have ideas, places and things to do with your husband.

Help a sister out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ten Things To Do On Date Night
1. Go to dinner
2. Shake a leg at a nightclub 
3. Check out a new flick at the movie theater
4. Visit a new bar
5. Go have a sunset swim at the beach

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Can you think of five more to add to this list?
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Elizabeth Missick-Taylor said...

1. Well I love the dinner experience. Especially quiet, dim/romantic lighting and soft music (Mahogany House)
2. Getting away, my fav places are Stone's Throw and Compass Point (Private and Perfect)
3. Cuddling on the couch to watch a rented or PPV movie (easier for us to do cause there's no crumb-snatchers yet lol
4. Driving around. Although the price of gas and traffic often squash this idea, hubby and I love to drive through neighborhoods looking at houses and landscapes. Fantastic bonding time
5. Still thinking of a 5th :-)

Now driving around may not be a date night thing but its still nice invested time with the hubby.

MWMs said...

Thank you for leaving a comment. YAY! Today is Friday, Eric and I planned on going to the beach after work but that had to be cancelled. I would love to check out Mahogany House tonight. How is their bar?

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