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Last night we finally went to the movies to watch Tyler Perry's Temptations. Lord help us!
Can you tell I am not a big Tyler Perry fan?

The movie was about marriage.
I'm married.
Let's go to the movies!

Now I will not reveal the plot but here is a summary.

Two teenagers get permission to get married at nineteen. They grow up and live a married life.  The wife is feeling unfulfilled, bored and taken for granted. The wife has a job as a marriage counselor at a matchmaking firm. In walks a single man who is attracted to her. She reveals as a good Christian woman she has only been with her husband. This single man is wealthy and requests her service to assist him on a project. While working in close proximity the woman is tempted by the man.

The main character went from 
devoted fully covered wife.

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To being tempted wife.

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To turned out wife.

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After viewing, the moral to this storyline is simple. Don't get married when you are nineteen. Live your life. Figure out who you want to be. Figure out what you like from what you do like. You need to know before you commit to marriage. Why? Because one day a wealthy, white teeth, well-dressed man is going to walk into your world. At this point you need to know what to do. If you get married at nineteen you won't know what to do.

Did I enjoy the movie?
Not so much!

Did I relate to the movie?
Not so much!

Did I learn anything from the movie?
Not so much!

Would I recommend this movie?
Not so much!

How would I change the movie?
The married couple would have had children.

That's when the boredom, unfulfilled, taking for granted feeling is intensified because all energies are spent on the children. Funds are affected so less dinners, less travel, less dates. Details are forgotten because children information consumes the brain; their schedules, their needs, their wants etc.

If this couple had children then I would have related to the movie.

I would have reunited the woman with an ex-lover, someone from college who is not a complete stranger. We all have that dude from our past who if they walked back into our lives we would accept a dinner invitation, talk about old times, laugh and talk and reconnect. The idea of 'let's do it one more time for good times sake' is more realistic for a wife from someone she has been with before than a complete stranger.

It would be difficult, damned near impossible for a strange man to woo me off my feet in 2013 with all the diseases roaming about and I have a good husband at home.

If this woman ran into an ex and they reconnected then I would have related to being tempted.

I did not relate to this movie despite it being about marriage. I did not get married at nineteen. I did not marry my first love. I do not work in an environment that totally goes against my morals. No wealthy guy can woo me off my feet because I am immediately suspicious of men who spend lots of money on women. No single guy can woo me off my feet because at this stage of my life, if you aren't married at my age and you have never been married, you are crazy or gay.

As for Tyler Perry's ability to produce a movie, that is an entirely different blog. People, I am a Shonda Rimes fan. I need plots to unfold, to develop, to surprise, to tear at my heart, my soul and make me ponder about my life.

Tyler Perry!
Not so much!


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